One of the perks of being in SCAN is to take part in the WISC. We went to the Chalet La Fauconnière, in Giron (Ain) for two days.


Leaving on Saturday 26th at 9:30 am after the pre-WISC party was though for some of us. To make sure every one was awake, we sang along to the staff’s chants during the whole bus trip. Two hours finally didn’t seem that long if you’re kept busy!

The whole afternoon was dedicated to games – including the famous “Trout Party” :

Or the traditional “Ventriglisse”.


The bravest of us got a brand-new haircut, following the SCAN folklore. Needless to say, all the other students of INSA Lyon are able to recognize the characteristic mohawk. We also witnessed an unusual scene: girls trying to dye their hair using “ravioli” cans filled up with Kool-Aid!

All the freshmen rejoiced for the group picture – until Second Years rushed to cover us with paint. It quickly turned into a huge battle!

We then came back to our room to dress-up for the “punk-rock” party. Some of us had really nice costumes and make-up.

Sunday was quieter as we were all resting after this crazy week-end! We are now all looking forward to the next WISC!

Written by Arthur Saunier, Laurie Jacot and Alexandre Longhi.