It all started at 9AM on the 9th of october. We met in front of the Double Mixte where two buses were waiting for us. We put our bags, the food, and all we needed in the buses. We then split in the two buses, the WISC had started.

In the way to Girons we started the first game to get to know each other. Every one received a paper on which one a name was written with something we had to make this person did it. If we managed we said “I killed you” and we took his/her paper to continue the game with the remaining people. After this small mis-en-jambe we sang, played or tried to sleep until we arrived.

When we get there we emptied the buses doing a human chain. So we were more effective.

While the former Scan 1st students prepared lunch we put our bags in the different rooms and we sitted in the sun.

As for the INSA’s integration in first year, we did many (stupid) games. We were grouped in teams of four or five people. However, the most popular games were the octopus battle and the race on a soapy tarp. We finished the challenges by a demonstration of the Octopus launcher. Instead of using potatos in the patator we used octopus, and it works very well.
Then, it’s not necessary to say that we all took a shower.

We had lunch and then we suit up for the party. Scan DJs from K le son set on fire to the dancefloor. The party goes all the night long, until each one decided it was time to go to bed. Even if the WISC is a never ending party.

The day after we had a brunch until every one woke up. We then cleaned the house and put every thing in the buses.

Before we left we take pictures of each group and the whole Scan Section.

This ended a legendary week end.