Festival of Lights

As you know Lyon is known throughout the world for a famous celebration: The Festival of Lights.


You will be able to observe magical illuminations created by confirmed artists or incoming ones on different buildings and bridges, at least all of the famous places of the city.  Behind this, you have to consider that there is lot of work made by these people to reach the top of technical lights and make you dream during these nights.

Now I would like to introduce the origins of this festival because, yes it attracts lots of people coming from France but also people from the entire world, that’s why I think that its origins have to be known. So in 1643 Lyon was stuck by plague. The municipal counciliors promised to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary if the town was spared. The city was saved and the people honored this promise. Ever since, a solemn procession makes its way to the Basilica Fourvière to light candles and give offering in the name of the Virgin.

In 1852, it became a popular festival when a statue of the Virgin was erected near the Basilica. The inauguration should have taken place on the 8th of September 1852, day of the birth of the Virgin. Because of the flooding of the Saonne this night, the expected celebration didn’t happen. Instead, people illuminated their windows with little lights. Then the archibishop, with the agreement of a committee of lay people, chose to move the date to the 8th of December, day of the immaculate conception and that was the beginning of this festival.

Hope you will enjoy the 2014 edition!

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The TV show of the week

This week we are going to talk about a totally different kind of series: Fringe. This science fiction drama was created by J.J. Abrams (producer of Lost, and the next Star Wars film) and is composed of 5 seasons. It’s hard to explain to you why I love Fringe so much without spoiling anything… You can take for instance: a cow, candies, parallel worlds, super powers and a bit of love and mix them together! You will obtain a nice sample of what Fringe looks like. Not convinced? Fine. Fringe focuses on three very touching characters: Olivia Dunham a FBI agent, Walter Bishop a crazy but brilliant scientist and his son Peter, a former genius con. Together they are working on paranormal facts at the limit between supernatural and science.

Obviously science and technology occupy a big place inside the show; you can easily ckeck up on chemical reactions and the relativity theory bywatching Fringe! #FutureEngineer

During the first season it really looks like The X-Files with “the paranormal case of the week”, however it quickly takes a really different and unique way. The mythology of the show becomes very rich and complex. If you are looking for twisted but smart scenarios, Fringe will definitely please you! But don’t forget to turn your brain on before starting an episode… Sometimes very deep and clever, Fringe raises questions about ethics, individuality, consequences and even more. Last advice : be careful, Fringe is highly addictive.


We can’t really understand Fringe if we skip episodes (seriously, don’t fall asleep even one minute!), hence today’s list is more like a -very subjective- best episodes selection.

  • 1×20  There’s More Than One of Everything : I hear you coming “We have to watch 20 episodes before having a good one ? I quit”. Wait a minute, it’s like a good wine, it’s becoming better with time! This episode is totally awesome and makes us understand how amazing the show will be.
  • 2×22 2×23 Over There: Who said parallel worlds?
  • 3×09 Marionette : Do you really think you will never cry in front of a TV show ? Wait and see.
  • 3×19 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide : 50% of film, 50% of 3D animation, 100% of awesomeness.


What’s up on my screen ?

You were waiting for it, the official Star Wars : The Force awakens trailer.

Asterix is back! Go to the cinema if you miss your childhood.

If you’re curious, this is the link for the Disney Christmas movie of the year : Into the Wood.


Thomas POINT, Ilona DUCIEL