The 23rd edition of the Karnaval will take place from the 20th to the 28th March. The theme of this year is wooden huts. You will surely notice the big marquee on les Humas. This is where the concerts will take place.

The week will begin with a Folk Ball at the K-Fet on friday night. There will also be various activities around the wooden huts. You’ll be able to build your own, using only wood or recycling materials ! The week will continue with the famous disguised parade in Villeurbanne on thursday, where students and children will participate. On friday, you will enjoy dub/trance bands during the concert. Finally, on saturday, you will be able to see various forms of street art and circus on the campus.

If you are an INSA student, many activities will be free, or at a very low price. No excuses not to come then !