A bit of culture this week !

Want to hang out with friends this week ? Confluence’s museum is THE perfect place.
First look at the architecture, I’m sure you’ve never seen that before.
So it’s definitely worth seeing it.

As for the content,  there are generally a couple of expositions remaining during the year and some temporary one. It can deal with pretty much anything

For example, at this moment, one of the temporary expositions is about “les trésors d’Emile Guimet”.
The latter is a famous Lyonnais  from the XX th century who created both Lyon and Paris’ museum.
In order to represent Emile Guimet, Conflluence’s museum decided to show his “trésors”, all the elements that he gathered in the past but that have been unfortunately lost during the XXt century.




All these famous art pieces presented at the exposition are coming from “Le musée des Beaux-Art de Lyon”, “Le musée Guimet de Paris” but also from “Le musée du Louvre”.

This temporary exposition is  a tribute to Emile Guimet, who is one the inheritor of Confluence’s museum.

That’s if for today, this was just a taste of what Confluence’s museum looks like.

For more information, concerning prices and so on, don’t hesitate to  check out their website  right here :


See you next week !