Want to join SCAN next year ?

Want to make your english neat and fluent before getting into Mathematical Tools for Engineering Science or Physics lectures ?

Here are a few suggestions of youtube channels, blogs or radios that will make you familiar with the scientific vocabulary you will need at INSA :


 TEDEd provides nice animated videos explaining various interesting phenomena.

DeepSkyVideos, a channel run by Brady Haran, focused on astronomy, space observation.

Sixty Symbols, another channel run by Brady, focused on theoritical physics.

Periodic Videos, yet another channel that will help you nail some of the most important chemistry facts.

 AsapSCIENCE, specialists in popularizing science and world curiosities through funny hand-drawn animated videos.

nottinghamscience, also run by Brady Haran

SmarterEveryDay, youtube channel of a devoted father doing science for his children’s school fundraising.

   VSauce, Redaction’s favorite, will make you discover everything from philosophical concepts to astonishing scientific facts and deep ideas on human  life, and a very wide range of subjects.

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Also one of our favorites, Minute Physics started the hand-drawn scientific videos wave on the web.

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A harder channel to follow, SciShow dives deep into very complete explanations, almost lectures, on chemistry, physics…


A very popular blog dealing with the latest scientific news.

We will let you explore the following channels by yourself !

It’s Okay To Be Smart






Enjoy !

H.Carpentier, B.Dewit