Wanna join scan ? Here is how you can make yourself ready !


Internet is an amazing source of knowledge, despite the overload of cat videos. Here are a few examples of channels (out of too many) you should subscribe to, if you want to have fun improving your scientific knowledge while sharpening your english, and get sure to impress the director during the phone interview !

Famous for their whiteboard animated drawings, AsapSCIENCE regularly broadcasts vulgarised science facts and short explanations for everyday phenomena.


Brusspup’s channel will blow your mind with some fancy optical illusions and cool science experiments.

Brady Haran manages a dozen fascinating channels such as Numberphile, Sixty Symbols, Periodic Videos, Nottingham Science, specialised in maths, physics, chemistry, and even computer science.


I F***ing Love Science, mainly known for its blog and facebook page, is (also) a Youtube channel where you can get informed of the latest technological progress or scientific discoveries.

Yet another blog… About Science… And other interestingness !

Smarter Every Day, run by a devoted father, will show you a wide range of interesting experiments with slow-motion video capture, mixed with a scientific approach to their observations.

If you still don’t have enough, here are a couple more you can check out on your own :





Enjoy !