Things to do in Lyon in 2015

Hello everybody !

Today is our last article and also the first one of 2015. That’s why I would like to introduce some events you will be able to find in this fantastic city.

From the 7th of February to the 6th of march an event named “On cartoon dans le grand Lyon” will take place in different movie theater of Lyon. I think it’s an event for the cinema lovers, children but also everybody a little interested in the 7th art. During this period european producers will present their new animated movie projects and you will saw or saw again pretty ones already released. More information.

INSA friends you have to suit up ! The 28 of February is the XIX Gala of INSA. At first the students of the “53rd promotion” will receive their graduates and they will celebrate it with all the INSA students and the teachers too. It’s such a huge INSA familial party at “Cité Internationale” and in my opinion all the students have to take part in it ! More information.

This year is a special one! Why would say ? Because there is the tenth edition of the Reperkusound, one of the most famous electro party in Lyon,taking place not so far! This event will open its doors the 3rd of April at the “Double Mixte” so if you are a person who loves hybrid and electro songs you have to write these dates in your schedule ! More informations.

At last, for the ones who like sports there is the High Five in 2015. This event takes place in one of the INSA school (it changes every year) and it’s a big gathering between students. It’s a sportive event but you know the main goal is to party and have fun! If you like all these things it’s an event made for you! ^^


Movies of 2014


2014 was full of movies! Here’s a little recap of what you should have seen last year. We decided not to rank these movies because this is really subjective, let’s say that’s a random top 10 of 2014 movies!


Boyhood is definitely a very unique experience. The producer, Richard Linklater, took 12 years to release his film. It’s amazing to see the actors, especially the child, grow up on screen. Really touching and realistic story of life (do not expect blood and action scene), this is surely the most unexpected movie of the year.


Christopher Nolan’s latest movie kind of divided the opinions. Some people describe it as an amazing and inspired science fiction movie; others called this film lazy and pretentious. Anyway it remains a visually stunning masterpiece with incredible actors (Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine…)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Certainly one of the best Marvel’s films ever, the second part of the Captain America story is really better than the previous one. A dark thriller with a good scenario and a lot of humor. You don’t have to be a super heroes fan to appreciate this movie!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Very. Stange. Awesome. Movie.  Take Star Wars, Star Trek and The Avengers and mix them together, you will have something pretty close to The Guardians of the Galaxy. For the first time, Marvel studios choose a super hero team quite unknown from the public. And this is very, very funny.

Gone Girl

This one is not funny. This is the latest David Lynch film (Seven, The Game, Fight Club…). A very dark and complex thriller, this film is full of surprises. Ben Affleck and Rosemund Pike are perfect in their roles and offer a very cold analysis of current couples.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Marvel again. This second part of the reboot series on the famous X-Men is a world wide success. Cool super powers, time travel, Jennifer Lawrence in blue, cool paradoxes and Tyrion Lannister, all of that makes an awesome movie.

Big Hero 6

The latest Disney movie. Fancy, touching, funny, this futuristic story takes place in Japan and will please the young ones and the less young ones. As always, Disney brings a bit of love and happy endings in our lives!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This film was really a surprise for me. After a first film far from being great, this one was a well written and interesting post apocalyptic movie with nice philosophical aspects and stunning action scenes.

The Lego Movie

Maybe the funniest movie of the years. Full of references and good twists, the lego bricks inspired an amazing adventure where our imagination has no limits anymore.

Under the Skin

This one is an UFO. Maybe you will hate it. But you can’t stay stand in front of such a movie. Dreamlike and disturbing, this is maybe one the best performance from Scarlett Johansson. This is definitely something you must try!

Thomas POINT, Ilona DUCIEL