Avengers: Age of Ultron

If you like superhero movies, you will probably be interested in this one.
Marvel Studios managed to make the scenario of Avengers absorbing and really epic, all the characters are engaging, the special effects are up to the challenge, and the fight scenes are fascinating.

The scenario is based on an artificial intelligence, discovered by Tony Stark and Dr Banner, which was supposed to enhance Stark’s defense program: Ultron.
But Ultron quickly turned against the Avengers, and found that he had to eliminate all humans to save Earth.

Here is the latest trailer of Avengers: Age of Ultron to help you know what you can expect:

So if you liked the first Avengers movie, and you think this one will be cool, don’t hesitate to watch it!


Daredevil: A blinding success

Daredevil is a TV series created by Netflix, and adapted from the eponymous Marvel comics.

It relates the story of Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil). As a child, he was blinded by chemical radioactive products which enabled him to develop his other senses to a supernatural level. In real life he’s a lawyer but at night he uses his extraordinary abilities to fight crime. He has no superpower except his human senses pushed beyond limits. Finally, despite his outstanding abilities, he remains human and interesting.

This series currently encounters a great success both with critics and public. It is the ninth highest rated TV show on IMDb therefore being better ranked than “Better Call Saul” and “House of Cards”.

It is understandable since it has a lot of enjoyable qualities: it is a Marvel series, but is still original; it gives justice to a character that’s been trampled by a bland movie in 2003; it is also well realized and shot with realistic fights.

Moreover, watching this show is an occasion to discover new actors, as the casting doesn’t include very famous actors.

Written by Samory, Alexandre & Xavier.