Game Of Thrones

Dun dun, dundun duun dun, dun dun duun dun…
You have waited for it. You have lusted for it. You can’t live without it, can you ?
Well rejoice, Game Of Thrones is coming back on HBO on the 12th of April !

Here is a quick recap of season 4 so that you can start the next one peacefully.

Daenerys forms her army to conquer Westeros, but actually stays in one of the cities she conquered to reign over it.
Joffrey died. Yes !
Tyrion is put on trial , kills Shae and his father, and leaves King’s Landing in a boat.
Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch fight at the North wall. Ygritte is killed during the battle. Jon Snow still knows nothing.
Bran and his crew go beyond the wall, hodor along the way, and reach some sort of magic tree.
Arya and the Hound travel, fight, eat all the chickens, and drink; at the end, Brienne comes to “save” Arya and leaves him for dead.
Oberyn tried to get revenge from the Lannisters in King’s Landing and got slayed by the Mountain.

Number of on-screen deaths in the season : 160.
Number of viewer’s hearts shattered : too many.

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