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To make the website more attractive and diversified, we decided to widen the kind of articles on it! Since now you will find each week a new article about something to do in Lyon (demonstration, museum, sport activity…) and a TV show or a movie we advise you to watch!

Star Wars Identities

After taking place in Paris, the Star Wars Identities exhibition is in Lyon from the 9th of November 2014 to the 19th of April 2015  at “La Sucrière”. The next place for this convention is in Germany or in Asia, so if you are a fan of this saga, it’s the place to be!

You will find more than 200 objects used for the movies (models, drawings, clothes) coming from the archives of the Lucas Museum Narrative Art. You will have the chance to observe the model of R2D2 or Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon. And more you will have the possibility to create your own Star Wars Hero. Each visitor will have a smart wristband and will answer some questions on his identity and find different interactive places integrated in the exposition. Each answer makes you closer to complete your final identity and at the end you will be able to observe your new unique Star Wars Character and give your e-mail to receive more details on this created character and finally share it on social networks.

We hope you will enjoy!

Practical Informations :

  • Cost : between 17 and 22 euros
  • Opening hours :
    • From 11am to 7.30pm during the week
    • From 9.30am to 8pm the week ends, no work day and Holidays of zone A
    • Until 9.30pm the first friday of each month
  • To buy tickets : here
  • For more information go on the official website 



The TV show of the week


The aim of this section is to make you discover TV series you may not know. The first show we wanted to talk about is the -sadly- not so famous in France show Community. Created in 2009 by Dan Harmon and aired on NBC, this show is totally unique and definitely one of the funniest sitcom of all time. The speech is classic: we follow the not-so-normal life of students in a community college in the United States. For the ones who don’t know, a community college is a less prestigious version of university with a very different frequentation.  The main character of Community is Jeff, a former lawyer, a bit narcissistic and outspoken, who has to pass his exam once again. To come closer to Britta, a beautiful and naive activist woman, he creates a study group. Then are added Abed, the nearly autistic nerd, biggest comic effect of the show, his best friend Troy, the sportsman of the team, Annie, the class head, Shirley, the catholic mother of two and Pierce, the racist old man. This totally dysfunctional group faces the most incredible situations (no kidding, there are zombies and batman in here). Sometimes light and easy-to-watch and sometimes more serious, Community knows how deliver a very precise analysis of the society while being very funny.

Not convinced ? There are few episodes to being with (obviously, it would be better to see them in the correct order but, if you want the best of it: you can choose in this list)

  • 1×01 Pilot : The first episode of the show gives a really good idea of the ambience, and allows you to meet the characters. This is the best way to start, even if it’s not the funniest episode ever.
  • 2×14 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons : Everybody knows the role-playing game “Dungeons and Dragons”, however it has never been as funny as in Community. You must definitely watch this one.
  • 2×23 A Fistful of Paintballs : Destroy your university during a paintball game?  A dream coming true? Really awesome and creative episode, Community at its best.


Bonus : What’s up on my screen ?


  • The first part of the last Hunger Games movie is finally in cinema!
  • There is the first trailer of the new version of Jurassic Park : [link]
  • Be ready on Friday, the first trailer avec Star Wars 7 will be released !


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