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The SCAN section is the English section at INSA, Lyon. It was created in 1979 and has now been extended to cover the first two years of study, (the first cycle).

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The SCAN section aims to meet the needs of non-French students whose mother tongue is English, or who are fluent in the language, as well as French students who have acquired an excellent operational level of English during their secondary education. The SCAN section provides a multi-cultural environment in which communication in English is facilitated as the shared language of students and teachers.


The first year comprises two groups of 24 students.
In the second year of the first cycle, the SCAN section is extended to three groups (72 students) by the addition of students who, having successfully completed their first year at INSA, opt to study their scientific subjects in English.
All SCAN students benefit from the same high-level scientific teaching which is the hallmark of the foundation engineering course.

Lecture Class


There is no French language requirement as such for non-French students to gain entry to SCAN. All non-French-speaking students must however attend the 4 weeks program or ‘summer school’, comprising 100 hours of intensive French classes starting late August.
Weekly French classes are also an integral part of the term curriculum, as all students need to acquire sufficient knowledge of French to be able to follow courses in the specialised engineering departments in their third year (second cycle).


The ASIL is the association which organises several sporting events and concerts (orientation weekend, Sports Day, etc.)