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Our trip to Sheffield 2011

Sheffield is a small city in Yorkshire, one hour from Manchester. The University there represents half of the city and is famous for its huge Students’ Union, the largest in the UK. It offers many activities daily to students: parties, sports, volunteering… During our visit, they were electing the new student officers and every candidate was campaigning during lunch time distributing leaflets, making choreographies or animations. For our last night we went to their Results’ Party, where the atmosphere was even crazier than for National elections ! We attended several lectures in the Mechanical Engineering department as well, to compare them with the French educational system. During our two weeks there, we also had time to discover the countryside such as Peak District, and some of us even made excursions to York and Liverpool.

Matthieu, Claire, Camille, Pierrick, Lionel

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Our trip to London 2011


Why do you have to chose London ?

First of all, London is the capital of UK. Imperial College is the equivalent of Ecole Polytechnique in UK so it’s interesting to compare both systems. The campus is lovely because it is near to Hyde Park.
We had two students at Imperial College to show us around the university and who invited us to a party the first day we arrived, a Tuesday. So we could create contact and have tips for our trip.
In other universities, they didn’t have these two students to help them, so they were like strangers in the university, not us.

In London, biggest museums are free so you can visit the  morning and the afternoon and go out at night. As you can imagine, there are a lot of pubs, nightclubs with unbeliavable real Londoners ! You have to go there to understand what I’m saying. You can’t be bored !

Let’s talk about money. We got a flat in zone 1 for 15 pounds per day per person. It was an awesome flat with home-cinema, sofas, 2 bedrooms (for 6 persons), an american kitchen and a bathroom. We can send you the email adress of the landlord if you want ! Transports in London are quite expensive so you have to buy an travelcard (oyster card) for 2 weeks, it will cost 50 pounds but after that, London isn’t expensive. Food and beer prices are fine.

Don’t worry by the test at your return, it won’t be harder as usually and if you planned well your trip, it won’t be hard to catch up in tutorials : it is just one week.

And don’t forget, Olympic games will start the 26th of April !

Antoine, Pierre, Mallorie, Loic, Elise, Hadrien

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