As you may know, september is not only the beginning of your paintful student year. This is also the time of the year where new TV series come to life. A lot of them won’t pass through their first year and be cancelled by heartless channels. To avoid the cancellation, the networks have to be more and more inventive and original! That’s why, from time to time, we encounter some very stange shows… The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is definetly one of them!

This comedy is broadcasted on the CW channel, and is totally unique. This is a musical show like no others (very different from Glee or Smash). Everybody won’t appriciate the offbeat side of it, and this is not a show to recommend to everyone. However this is reeeaaally funny! We follow a young woman called Rebecca who obviously has to deal with some mental issues from her childhood. This successfull lawyer takes a fresh star and ruins┬áher carreer to be reunited with her highschool crush at the other end of the country, the very stupid and superficial Josh. Rebecca is touching, human, clumsy and a bit crazy but you will like her at the first sight! The secondary characters you meet in her new town are as delightfull as her. The scenario is not as complicated and twisted as the one from Game of Thrones or House of Cards but we willingly sink in this pretentiousless story. The incredible actress playing the main role is also writing the scripts, the lyrics of the songs and performs a lot of them. This woman is really amazing and impressive.

Ok the season has just started, it is still a bit early to identify a masterpiece but this show took a very good start. If you’re a bit reticent, just watch the pilot episode, give it a chance!
For now you can just look at this indescrible trailer:


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Enjoy and see you next week !


Written by Ilona Duciel