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As we go around INSA, we can find a lot of different ways to indeed, go around. The lazy people take the tram to go from one end of the campus to another. Others, more fit, take their bicycle. The unlucky ones have to go by foot. But students have found intermediate means: skateboards and scooters (non motorized ones of course).  And, surprisingly or not, there are a lot of different kinds of skateboards: longboards, cruisers, mini-skates, waveboards, downhills and standards.


Longboards – 80-130 cm




  They are not for beginners as they can go very quickly.





They are ideal for campus use as they are stable and have rather big wheels. It enables the skater to go at a fast pace without losing control.









They are not exactly meant to cover large distances. They are mainly used to perform tricks on ramps.




Minis and micros

 For the people who do not want their skate to bother them by taking a lot of space, you have the mini-skate solution. The skates are usually less stable. They are considered mini when the deck is between 7 and 9 inches (18 – 22 cm). You can find an awful lot of mini-cruiser.



Naturally, there are millions of differents skates as you can almost customize your board. The deck can be fishtail, pintail blunt, mini-cruiser, twin, cutout, drop down or even speedboard. The size and shape of the wheel can also vary, either round lip or square lip profile. The smaller the wheel, the bigger the acceleration, but the smaller the speed. Same goes with the length of the deck. The longer boards are more adapted for taller rider and for longer or faster relaxed rides. Whereas for smaller riders, a smaller deck is better. If you don’t know what you want, the best is to take a midsize deck as you can ride in the most various ways. If you want to turn more easily, you can untighten the trucks once you are more comfortable on your board.



If you want to know more about longboards and skateboards with more technical details, here is a website that might bring you something:



http://www.windwardboardshop.com/learn/category/longboarding/#!?fq=sub_cat:(“technology”)%26sort=displaydate desc%26limit=5



Written by Tifenn Floch and Coraline Conan