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The Last Days of the Double Mixte

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The huge complex next to the Insa Restaurant have been hosting a variety of events since 1988. The double mixte is one of the landmark of our campus. In a few years it became the third event hoster in Lyon. It has 10 000 m²  spread out on 2 floors enabling different kind of events to take place : Meetings, competitive exams, huge concerts and music festival, exhibitions.

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For those living in the C, you certainly heard the walls roaring from the astronomically powerful soundsystem deployed in those events. Thanks to the double mixte, some of the biggest parties in Lyon are organised just next to our doorstep. But this situation is not going to last long : after 28 years of occupation, this infrastructure is coming to its end.

The Double Mixte was built thanks to INSA. In the 80’s one of INSA’s association (CAST) started organizing huge exhibitions to display technical material. An investor came to visit this exhibition and estimated that it could be worth to build a complex dedicated to this event. Now it is used 250 days a year, hosting more than 150 events, it can welcome up to 3000 people.

This building is viewed differently by the campus population. Some students see it as a nuisance during festivals, when hundreds of drunk people party until 6 am. Others see it as a key element of the campus since it brings animation, huge music events, and some other kind of event that really spice up Doua’s cultural life. No matter what you might think about this edifice, it is maybe about to get wiped out of our sight.

Jacob events, one of the great events organized in the double mixte : roaring techno and blazing lights

Indeed the news was released a the end of july that a new real estate developer had bought the Double Mixte : DCB International, reknown for their work of rehabilitation of multiple buildings across Lyon. They worked on a good part of Confluence rehabilitation project, the new Headquarters of Alstom, Adecco, Candia and Sanofi Pasteur. They bought the Double Mixte but didn’t release a clear declaration on its future.

In the near future DCB International have the project of keeping Jacques Chalvin (previous owner and manager) and his team, as head and organizers of the multiple events. In the meantime they annouced their will to modernize the old infrastructure and cleanse it from possible asbestos contamination. The long term project is to transfer all the event to the new ASVEL arena that will be built around 2020 near the Astroballe, at the extreme south east of Villeurbanne. DCB didn’t confirm that information but when all the events will be transferred, they may raze the building, destroying a big landmark of our campus. Until this day happens, try to enjoy the parties and events that take place below your windows.

Romain Labarthe, Louis Cancedda, Adrien Jaccon