Last week end (7th ,8th ,9th April), a huge sport event took place on our campus. It was the High Five. We have already posted an article about it, but today we have something new. scantheweb webmaster team has interviewed a at from Lyon.

Scantheweb : Hello Cédric, first of all can you introduce you ?

Cédric : Well, My name is Cédric, I’m in PC2 Scan, I practice fencing so I took part in the High Five last week end where I ranked 2nd.

S : What did you think of this event ?

C : It was very interesting to meet other people from INSA, I already knew the fencers but I met other persons. When we were not playing we went to other gymnasiums to support the other Lyonnais. The ambience was good.

S : How did you know from which INSA people came ?

C : We all had a T-shirt with a different color for each INSA :  Lyon , Strasbourg , Rennes , Toulouse , Rouen

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