2nd year

Conception Projects

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    In the second year, INSA students are confronted to a new type of exercise : Conception projects. Their aim is to make students develop a prototype AND build it with the production tools available in Premier Cycle (Usinage, Construction métallique et prodution automatisée). The nature of the projects are really different across the years, and even across the different groups ! However, we can distinguish 2 kind of projects : one where different groups compete against each other with prototypes respecting the same rules, and the more isolated ones where there is no competition, the only goal to achieve is to make it work (as well as possible…). The second one can seem less interesting but in fact some students have the luck to work with professionals making the work of real research units. For example, our SCAN Second have 3 projects: A 3D printer, a tennis ball launcher, and a nut crasher.

    This year’s competition is called “PC-BALL” and consists in creating a tennis ball launcher that is accurate enough to aim a trash bin at 5 meters or a person at 7 meters (This person will catch the ball with a net).
The video below is last year project, a vehicle controlled by a phone or a joystick.

       The idea behind it is to reuse all the knowledge about conception and production we have accumulated during the first and the beginning of the second year (conception lectures are important). These project are really relevant in an engineering formation, this is the time when you come the closest to your future work. This kind of project is what separate the first cycle of INSA of the other classical Prepas (with the level in Math), i.e. much more “applied” subjects: not only pure Math and Physics.