Hi guys!

I’m pretty sure you all remember the WISC. You don’t? Let me help you:

WISC - Iroquoise

And now? You remember? Good.

So you might have noticed that SCAN people are definitely crazy about hair. If you haven’t, well sorry but you’re blind, and it’s pretty awkward cause you’re actually reading this, so you can’t be blind. Anyway, look at any SCAN who survived the WISC and you’ll have your proof.

Maybe you’re wondering: “why is this guy talking about hair?”. The thing is, Winter is coming, but also November.

You might have heard about No Shave November. This is an association which tries to raise funds to develop cancer cures. They created the concept of “No Shave November”: as you know, chemotherapy prevents hair from growing, so as a mark of  respect, people are encouraged to let their hair and beard go wild, and giving associations the money which should have been invested into razors or haircut.

Since we SCAN are known not to be respectful with our hair, I think we should participate. We can create a team (SCAN team would be amazing) on https://www.no-shave.org/participate. So on October 31st, shave, cut your hair (if you’ve got some left after the WISC), and let it wild!

If you want more informations feel free to visit https://www.no-shave.org/

And don’t forget the “before/after” pics, they will be uploaded on the website !



Written by Arthur Clément