Hey again, the Scan On The Air team wanted to share some links with all the listeners, so here they are:

theuselessweb.com, a link to the most useless stuff of the internet
theoatmeal.com, a site full of the creme de la creme of comics
procatinator.com, the one website which will help you fall asleep with cats and sweet music
youtube.com/disco, just type an artist and disco will do a playlist for you, yay!
photo2text.com, here you can upload photos and they’ll turn into awesome ASCII art
supercut.org, a collection of montages showing recurring events, such as the number of times “fuck” is said in The Wolf Of Wall Street
the.wubmachine.com, here just upload a music and turn it into… DUBSTEP!

Hope you enjoy all those ginormously cool links, and see you around!