Are you ready for SCAN ?

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Hey, you visitor!
Is SCAN the right place for you? Can you really manage that much stress and still enjoy all the fun at INSA? Can you be cool enough to survive 2 years in the most special section at INSA?
WELL, you think you can …
Here is the right quiz for you, my future SCAN companion.

Did you understand everything so far?

Do you still want to be a SCAN member after this dreadful description?

How long does it take for you to finish a whole jar of nutella with a tea spoon?

In what color would you prefer to dye your hair?

Until what time can you stay up at night and still manage to understand the chemistry course in the morning?


Can you sit in a room where chairs rotate and still concentrate on OPTICS !?

Are you following @marcellesac on instagram?

Did you go and followed him right now?(don’t lie)

Are you ready to have the best 2 years of your life?

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