The raid INSA Lyon is a sport competition held every year in Lyon. It’s mainly organized by the BDE INSA and it involves university students and companies.

   Its 8th edition will occur from 24th to 26th of April in such a wonderful, ambitious and competitive atmosphere.

   For 3 days and 2 nights, 200 contestants will face difficulties, will challenge themselves for pure pleasure, to perform and cooperate with others, – achieving such values means basically triumph -.

   Wait wait … being part of the event is not that easy. First you should get a doctor certification, whether you’ll be able to take part of the event or not, and you should follow a specific training (‘ physical preparation ‘ published in the website http://raid.bde-insa-lyon.fr/?page_id=70 ), because the program is pretty tough. Talking about this year program we can resume it in what follows:

J1: 14h-23h: About 50 km of running, 1000 m of made uneven positive.
J2: 8h30 – 16h: About 60 km of running, 2000 m of made uneven positive ( Mainly by VTT).
J3: 8h30 – 15h: (Award Ceremony), about 50 km of running, 1500 m of made uneven positive.

  Eventually, The raid INSA Lyon has many physical benefits, but there are also many benefits that taking part in it can provide, this makes this event an important part of each INSA engineer’s life.

Written by : Boulaajaj Zineb