Ragda which stands for Rhythm Aero Gym & Dance, is a dance association created 10520382_697404743711701_8755156565240037668_oin 1986 at INSA Lyon whose aim is to promote the teaching of different kinds of dancing (Break-dance, step, modern jazz …) and to inspire confidence in a student’s ability to achieve and encourage their personal development through dance.

Ragda organizes also a show dance held every year at CGR La Rotonde. This year it took place between the 4th and the 6th of February. Yeah, it lasts for 3 days, 3 days of joy, energy and music. It is worth mentioning that all the places were sold.

The program of the show, this year was revolving around the American road trip, which reflects a journey across the different dance cultures of USA ( Western saloons, salsa, rock …. ). The whole show gained a funny aspect by introducing a play that represents three gangsters traveling across the USA in search of a way to spend their “stolen money”, facing many hilarious obstacles.

Eventually, This show was a needed escape from the grind, and an opportunity for the students to express themselves and to offer an insight into other cultures. It was so good and astonishing that people got up from their seats to join the dancers and enjoy the show.

Written by : Boulaajaj Zineb