Here is the private section of our website. Only for SCAN or ex-SCAN students !
Have fun !

If you forgot your password or don’t have one and think you should, please contact us using the dedicated form. Click here to log-in.

To be in SCAN is AWESOME ! You can connect, add articles, or come back here (tab “Scan the web” / “Visit Site”) and see AWESOME GAGS and AWESOME VIDEOS.

Once you’re logged in, you can create a new post by scrolling on the the top left link called “Post”, and clicking on “Add New”.But be careful though, you might not be able to edit your post afterwards, so before publishing it, make sure that it’s complete.

If you want to access to the private section as it is, (as said above), scroll on the top left link “Scan the web” and click on “Visit Site”.