Point A vs Prévert: Clash of breakfasts

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At INSA, there are only 2 places where you can have your daily breakfast : the Prévert and the Point A. But, which one is the best to start your scandalous day ?

In order to answer this question, we will compare the interior, the localisation  and of course the quantity of food.

Point A menu:

  • 2 breads with butter, jam or spreadsmiley-down
  • An orange juice or a fruit
  • A hot beverage

Prevert menu:

  • 2 breads with butter, jam or spread
  • A yoghurtphotofunky-1
  • An orange juice AND unlimited number of fruits (if remaining)
  • Free refill hot beverage

According to the given menu, you can enjoy your breakfast at Prevert but if you go to the Point A, you may leave a bit disappointed.

+1 for the Prévert.

Prévert 1 – 0 Point A

But what about the inside of the restaurant ?
First, the point A is a little room of about 30 m², with some stand-up tables. The main issue is that you can’t eat without being squeezed up. It’s a bit uncomfortable when you woke up 10 minutes before and you just want to be peaceful.

This is exactly the opposite situation at the Prévert : you have about 100m² with many standard tables (therefore with chairs), so you can totally enjoy your breakfast. That’s why we’re giving this point to the Prévert.

+1 for Prévert

Prévert 2 – 0 Point A

Now, let’s look at the location of the restaurants :


Located in the “bâtiment A”, which is at 50 meters from the First Cycle’s buildings and 30 meters from “Bâtiment B”, you can’t find a better deal to have an “Eat & Go”. The legend says that you can wake up at 7:58am and not even be in a hurry.

Even if the Prévert can be cool to chill out while eating, we have to assume that it isn’t well placed. With a 12 minute-journey each morning, you’re getting tired of it very rapidly.

+1 for Point A.

Prévert 2 – 1 Point A

According to the SCAN web redaction team, the Prévert seems to be the winner of this clash but indeed, the choice is still yours.


François Ruillé & Aurélien Bil

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