We think everyone knows what happened in Paris on Friday 13th. But still, we feel the need to write about it on our website. Because we simply cannot not mention it.

It had to be a normal Friday night in the French capital city. People were enjoying their evening: some went to see the friendly France-Germany football game at the Stade de France, others were hanging out with friends in restaurants or went to a concert at Bataclan. Happy times. Around 9 PM, a series of attack started in six different places. Three bombs exploded near the stadium. Almost at the same time, mass shootings and suicide bombing occurred in four different streets of the 10th and 11th arrondissements. But the worst was still to come: at 9:45, the Bataclan theater, where the band the Eagles of Death Metal was performing, was taken into hostage. Some of the spectators managed to escape, but 89 of them lost their lives there. The current total death toll is, as of today, 129 victims.

As many have already said, those attacks were not against Paris itself but against humanity. Last week on the INSA Lyon campus, there was a special atmosphere.

We all feel heartfelt sorrow for the victims and their relatives. On Monday 16th, the whole staff and every student of INSA Lyon observed a minute of silence to pay homage to them. Let’s hope that we’ll never have to face such events again.


Written by: Susie Repellin and Laurie Jacot