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While students of the Premier Cycle Classique follow special scientific courses known as the OT, Ouvertures Thématiques, SCAN students choose 4 options among the following list.


 Back to the future

Created in 2015, this options is all about what is going to happen next ! What is the near and distant future is going to be like for the human race ? How will this aspect of society evolve ? If you love Sci-fi this options is made for you !

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“This option is really cool, you want to be involved, it makes you think about stuff like AI, singularity, pollution, government system, religion, everyday life in 150 years etc…” Rand Omguy



Scan on the Air

Radio Gatsun opens its studio and lets the students record and broadcast live a 30 minutes program during which you’ll be able to talk about the different news and events on the campus or in Lyon, about international affairs and the famous Scan gossips, or about whatever you think could be interesting. This option allows you to discover how to properly plan and organise a radio program, to improve your speaking ability, and to understand the inner-workings of a real radio-recording studio with all the professional equipment that comes with it (soundproof booth, microphones, mixing table, etc). And don’t worry, no previous experience is required.

Big deal! Take a look at the dedicated page : here !

Scan the Web

The most important part of this course is the development of the SCAN Website. This means creating, revising and developing pages and chapters of general interest to both the present and former SCAN-community at INSA. Basically, the goal is to upload some news about Scan, it could be trips, videos, or other options’ work. For instance the radio programs are available on the website. Team work might be an important factor in this option.

This class mainly has a workshop character, though since the website is powered by WordPress, a website engine, little to no experience in web programming is required, though you are welcomed if you want to explore the web development and bring some new ideas! Those who have already constructed a personal blog are invited to bring in their experience, as an important part of the course is about dealing with user experience and content.

Profiling Scan

Since its creation in october 2002, ASIL (Association Scan INSA de Lyon) has taken care of the promotion of the section.
Your job will be to choose a small which will contribute to the keeping alive the scan section, those small task can be :

  • Preparing videos to promote the Scan section
  • Designing the awesome Scan T-shirt !
  • Preparing an incredible WISC for the next year
  • Going around in classes to talk about Scan and recruit classics

“This option is very relaxing, it gives you a nice responsability, you get to meet lots of students and really work with them.” Raphaëlle Schlienger


Want to defend your opinion in front of your fellow SCAN classmates ? Well this is not the place for that ! In this option you will defend different point of views, including those against yours. You will learn that most of the time, tradeoffs and finding a common ground are the key leading to lasting and good relations. Epic debates on subjects going from the most ridiculous you can imagine to the most serious and taboo ones are programmed…

Throughout this option, you’ll get the main linguistic and strategic tools to participate in a negotiation. Concrete situations along with different real cases will be used, requiering team work and an approach of business situations. The work is thus based on oral communication and a great use of the language.

Face to Face

Face to Face is the study of how you interact with other people. By thinking of different situations with your classmate, you will understand that there exists different communication. The point is to understand better yourself and your communications with other people.

Using real life cases, we’ll study the interaction between people and address general questions as :

Why is it difficult to talk to some people ? Why do we like doing it at the same time with others ?

How to react to a speech ? Work by small groups will give you little tips that could help you on a daily basis. Here again, great importance of the oral communication.

Close Encounters

The topic here is relationships, why does it last, or not? Debating and team working about the concepts of the « close encounters » will lead you to key notions such as the emotional intelligence.

This could be seen as a continuity to the Face to face option. Here again, oral skills have a particular importance.


You’ve heard about the American, Australian and Canadian school high school, and their famous yearbooks, or you’ve always wanted to explore the world of journalism ? This option is made for you ! You will have to realise your own yearbook in which you record, highlight and commemorate the past year of your school by covering a wide variety of topics from academics, student life, sports and other major school events … If you ever dreamt of being a writer, photograph, or designer, you will be welcomed !

“I really feel invested in the Scan community thanks to the yearbook option” Cyprien Bridgesound

Check out this year’s Yearbook !

Public Speaking

Everybody knows the great speakers who made our history such as Martin Luther King, of John F. Kennedy, but do you know what makes them so good ? In this option you will study their different tricks and techniques, analyse their greatest speeches, and even create your own speech. The main aim is of course to learn how to communicate with your audience about your ideas and passions.

Engineering and activism

You want to make the world a better place to live but you don’t know where to begin ? In engineering and activism, you will look how the technology is changing the development of the world by tackling topics like world hunger, water, education …

The new golden age of Television

You think you are the biggest fan of TV shows ever or you just want to know a little bit more about this world ? In this option you will learn to watch the TV shows with a critical eye, what are the common points between them and novels of the 19th century (and yes, there are some !) ? You eventually learn a lot about series and debate you personal opinions about them with your classmates.

The rainbow nation

If all you know about South Africa is the apartheid and Nelson Mandela, you may be interested by this option. It focuses on social issues that are still occurring in the country. You will work on various medias such as movies or comic shows. Eventually you will do a presentation in front of the group. The subject is totally free … as long as it deals with South Africa !

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