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           pizza boxLast week, my partner in crime and I were very surprised when we entered one of our favorite restaurant : The Olivier. In fact, they completly changed the way it usually worked. Instead of having a full meal with a starter, a pizza and a dessert served on a plate, you just get a pizza served in a cardboard box and you need to choose between a fruit or a soda : NOTHING ELSE. In addition, the price is still the same as before !

«..it was a request from

INSA students..»

          You can probably imagine our feelings when we saw that : mind blown. We immediatly asked one of the worker why they decided to change their way to work and she answered : “The direction of the restaurant told us that it was a request from INSA students…”. We were quite surprised by her answer because the direction never consulted us. We didn’t receive any mail or surveys about this decision. Even after the this decision, the direction never informed us that the restaurant would change. We discovered the whole thing one day to another without any communication about it.

           So we can wonder what are the pros and cons of the new Olivier for the students. The only real big advantage is that, with the spring coming, students can take away their pizza and then eat it on the humas, or the PC, for instance. But you still have to find a trashbin big enough to welcome your pizza cardboard box… Moreover if you choose to stay in the restaurant to eat your meal, it’s definitely unconvenient to eat with your friends on the table as the boxes take up too much space and you have to eat with your hands…

          Speaking of cardboard box, considering they sell more than 300 meal a day from monday to friday, we can estimate that more than 6000 carboard box are thrown away each month. In a school that stands for environment issues of our times, we can really cast a doubt on their decision…

meme pizza

          And you ? What do you think about the new Olivier ? How do you feel about the fact that the school decided to change your habits from top to bottom without even consulting you ?

Feel free to comment this article, we would be glad to know what’s your point on all this !


By Tanguy Keryhuel & Rémi Montaigne.

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