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BEST is an association of european student with 3600 members from around 30 countries. As I am part of it, I wanted to show you what it is all about ! BEST stands for Board of European Students of Technology.

Our Goal : Help students develop themselves

BEST helps students to open themselves to foreign cultures, countries and societies, in order to improve their skills and abilities to work in a multicultural environment. BEST gives the student the opportunity to train abroad, organize local and international event, meet students from all Europe that have different customs but the same willing to learn and share.

Not only we empower diversity, as we want students to understand and respect different cultures and societies, it is our Vision, but we do not forget to develop them. Our Mission is to creates opportunities for personal development of students and supports them in reaching their full potential.

-“So yeah, pretty nice speech huh, but what do you actually do ??”

Let’s go straight to the fact !
The association BEST is considerable, hence it is divided in local groups in every country and each one organize many events.
At Lyon we will welcome not less than twenty students coming from Russia to Spain, for the Spring Course on April’s holidays. They will visit Lyon, have fun with games, activities and courses about sustainable development and environment (it is the theme of the year).
Other events are about engineering like EBEC, an engineering competition that takes place in Lyon, Grenoble and the final is in Ukraine !
Moreover, since we are engineering students, we organize events about student’s career, like Start-up Camp or International Career Day.
There is many more events, I can’t list them all !
Of course you don’t need to be part of BEST to participate to them, but it’s way more fun, and it will give you many experiences in organizing events !



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