Marcel le Sac

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Name: Marcel Le Sac


Date of birth: September 16, 0217

Hometown: Lyon

Studies at: INSA Lyon

Places Lived:

  • Claire’s – la Part Dieu
  • Residence A and B

Places Travelled To:

  • Amsterdam
  • Munich
  • Portugal

Family Members: SCAN family

Life Events: 

  • WISC
  • WEI

Favorite Quote: “Don’t be afraid to sparkle”

Social Media:

     Follow Marcel on instagram:

More About Marcel Le Sac:


When people say that SCAN students have an amazing connection between them, they really mean it. The bond in the SCAN section isn’t exactly what you expect it to be; it is much greater and bigger than what you might find in any other section, it is represented by a phenomena… called Marcel Le Sac.
Now, if you’ve been on the INSA campus this year, you’ve either heard about Marcel le sac, or found a flyer about its instagram page ( @marcellesac ) on campus. If not, don’t worry, you’ll know what I’m talking about in a few minutes…
It all started on the WISC weekend, the SCAN integration weekend. Just like we said in the “WISC vs. WEI” article, the party on Saturday night was glitter themed. So, SCAN guys had this amazing idea to collect some money and go buy the most beautiful, pink, glittery bag. They named it after Marcel (if you believe it is a guy) or Marcelle (if you want it to be a girl) and brought it with them on this weekend. And so, this is how the WISC masterpiece was created and the object that was meant to be used for one weekend became the link between all of us.
On Sunday, we all came back to INSA and then a method was used in order to allow everyone in SCAN to have the chance to carry him at least once every two months.
And so, the name of Marcel started propagating all over the place. As Marcel became famous in INSA, an Instagram account was created in its name: @marcellesac. The number of followers started increasing, and Marcel now manages to keep over 200 followers entertained.

On this specific day, 2 months after the beginning of our INSA adventure, we, SCAN students, are closer than ever and Marcel has had an unimaginable role in that. Marcel isn’t just a bag anymore, this object we all loved became the best representation of the SCAN students at INSA and the power of this amazing section.

By Maria

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