This year, more than 130 associations will welcome INSA students in their stands, to initiate the future engineers to different domains : Sport, humanities, arts…

Every edition of this amazing forum, represent a good opportunity for new comers to find out about the latest associative offers, integrate the sociale life at INSA and have fun.

The Bot’Insa, is the booklet for Insa’s association. It mainly gives the updated presentation and the contact information of each association. One can distinguish, a high range of associations in each domain, thus creating a diversity within the INSA community.

Animation : 7 \ Arts : 17  assoc\ International Culture : 14 \  Departments and studies : 14 \   Social and humanities : 11 \   Hobbies : 5   \  Sport : 26  \  Technical and scientific : 8  \  Other associations : 7

Normally, the associative life is a compulsory element at INSA, considering the fact that commitment and association membership represent a fortunate opportunity for students to show their talent while working on their personal improvement.

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Written by : BOULAAJAJ Zineb