Individual interviews to join INSA

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From the 25th to the 29th of April, individual interviews are taking place at the Bibliothèque Marie Curie for students applying to join INSA in first year.

The candidates are first welcomed in groups.  During one hour the school and the following interview are presented to the group.

Then, the individual interview begins. It lasts about one hour. The jury is constituted of 3 persons: an INSA teacher, an engineer and a psychologist. It is divided in two parts of about 30 minutes each. There is a break in the middle of the interview during which the student can think about the things he forgot to say and the questions he wants to ask. The candidate is often asked why he wants to become an engineer and how he imagines his future as an engineer. He must also choose sentences or pictures and explain what they make him think about.

Finally, the candidates go back to a room where they can anonymously give their impressions. INSA students come to answer their questions and give them a tour of the campus.

The aim of this interview is not to trap you. The jury is there to assess your potential to become an engineer. You may want to think before the interview about why you want to become an engineer. Don’t forget to bring your convocation and your identity card ! You don’t really need to worry about the interview, just be yourself and everything will go well.If you are convoked for an interview, you normally have the level to join a school of the INSA group.

Good luck !

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