SCAN events

During the year, there are many events which take place to increase the links between the scan students. Here are some more details about what we can take part in or not. The “Weekend d’Integration des Scan” WISC is the major event at the beginning of the year. It takes place on the 1st weekend of October. Almost every student from Scan 1st and Scan 2nd. It is a good way for the new Scan 2nd to get to know each other and also to welcome the new 1st year students. During this weekend small games/activities are prepared and organized by the previous Scan 1st students. A big party occurs at night. The day after we have breakfast before cleaning the house, and then we come back to Lyon, with a lot of good memories.

The SCAN BBQ takes place at INSA in May. All the SCAN students and teachers are invited to take part in this event in a cheerful atmosphere and hopefully good weather. Small participation is usually asked to buy some food and drinks for everyone.

Suit up day: During the Suit Up Day, to celebrate Barney Stinson, all (or almost all) Scan students suit up. The next one will be on October 13th. Will you take part in it?