Looking Through the Yearbook

Picture yourself twenty years from now. Hopefully, you’re still well and healthy by that time. You’re walking up to the attic, or whatever creepy place you keep all the old things, and you’re looking through all these old boxes. You mindlessly scuffle through a container and pick out a book. There’s so much dust on it you have to blow it off like in the movies *dramatic music plays*. You then realize you’ve just picked out the 2017-2018 SCAN Yearbook. Oh boy…right in the feels.

The idea of showing the full content of this book to the people around you: wife, husband, children…or none of the above, is probably not the first thing that crosses your mind. I mean all those pimples you had back in college and those horrifyingly embarrassing pictures–you’d lose all credibility. BUT! An intense rush of curiosity flows through you and all you want to do is look at your friends’ young faces again. The attic is probably not a comfy place to be reading your long lost treasure so you decide to go back down on the sofa. Slowly but surely you accept the fact that there are going to be people joining you and sitting by your side as you flip through the pages.

The first pages containing class pictures aren’t so bad, you’re actually surprised some people look nice! After all the difference between these pictures and ID face frames was that you could tell Adrien to take the picture as many times as you wanted till you looked suitable. My god…why was I wearing that turtleneck sweater? Had I forgotten I was in 2018 or did I just have terrible fashion taste? Sure enough, your partner notices and is the first to point it out.

Conclusion: I should’ve worn nice looking clothes.

Then comes the stereotype pages. You don’t remember what they labeled you but you’re not really excited to find out. FASTEST KEBAB EATER. Oh, we all know who that was;). Is he still eating kebabs, you wonder. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. You type down their name on google and they’re on Wikipedia! Then you find you. More precisely, your partner finds you. BEST DANCER?! You’re only moves are the broken robot dance and some other hip hop moves others have confused for seizure attacks. You realize you’ve never shown your family those moves.                                                                      Hold my beer…

Conclusion: We love you cuz you’re SPECIAL <3. Stay unique.

The page you’ve most dreaded is finally here: The Wall of Shame. Why am I in that position? Why did I agree to that bet? Why am I not wearing clothes? Why am I crying? And why…I don’t know what that is but WHY? As you listen to the hysterical laughs of the people around you and feel your dignity seep through the floor, you wonder why there are so many pictures of you and so few pictures of others! You regret not having chosen your friends more wisely.

Conclusion: Send embarrassing pictures. You know your friends have already sent a few gigabytes of just you.

Don’t forget to participate. Go take your picture, go send your quote, and go send your pictures!

Ahmed will take care of the rest:*.

Article Written By Paul BRET

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