How hard was it to stay awake during your physics lecture monday morning? I would say as hard as we went last weekend.

The whole of Giron went crazy around approximative haircuts, good music, ¬†cheap sangria, flying fish, color bombs, and more sangria. As Jay-Z so clearly puts it : “That shit cray-cray, ain’t it ‘Ye?” Indeed it started calmly Friday night at the Quai 43, but the atmosphere gradually climbed to summits, like Mannheim’s famous crescendos,¬†until Saturday night where everything blew up in explosions of Hawaiian flowers, sangria bottles, and limbo ropes, some people even swear to have seen a shark.

During the afternoon, we SCANs were divided in teams (#team12 #oklm) and participated in games involving trouts, an octopus, beer, eggs, and an epic slip and slide. Tired and weary (and also stenching) after all that fish throwing came the time of the official SCAN haircut. The extremly talented fingers of the perfectly qualified hairdressers gave a new look to the whole weekend, shifting the theme to something close to the last of the mohicans, don’t forget to check out the pictures (thanks to all you photographs)

After a short night of sleep everybody broomed, moped and cleaned the rooms and then broke the brunch buffet. Then arrived our beloved Mrs. Wegeler and Mr. Velex, right in time for the beer pong! Suprisingly they refused to play a little game but enjoyed a gourmet meal, specially prepared for the two teachers.

Finally the bags were packed in the bus, the students were packed in the bus, and everybody fell asleep.

Thanks to everybody involved in this HAWAIISC, it was clearly great, and I can’t wait for next year’s!


Edit: we’ve added the WISC pictures on the website, here they are: