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Who was at the High Five this year?  I was, and let me tell you, it was AWESOME. You might be aware that, this year, INSA Lyon was the host of the big inter-INSA sports competition. But wait; I’m saying “sports” but in fact a new concept emerged this year: scientific and cultural sections. You don’t have to be good only in sports to participate to the High Five; you can now on show off your brains or talent.
So, all the INSA students from all over France (unfortunately, INSA Fez did not come) set foot in Lyon on Thursday night, already really… I might say, jolly. They were scattered all over the campus, most sleeping in the “travées” or in their bus. Lucky were the INSA Lyon students who could take warm showers, sleep in a real bed and not with 2O other “jolly” fellas in a classroom. Well, let’s not brag about that too much because from what INSA students told me it was just really fun to sleep with all their friends after those tiring competition days.

Ok, let’s get back to the organisation: on Thursday, we all received our badges and shirts and on Friday all the competitions were launched. All the INSA students played against each other in sports like Rugby, Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Handball but also helped each other by completing some of the teams of other INSA. At the end of the day, were qualified for the finals:

Football – Girls :Lyon – Rouen
Boys : Rouen – CVL
Rugby – 
Girls: Lyon – Rouen
Boys : Rouen – CVL/Rennes
Handball – Girls : Lyon – CVL
Boys : Lyon – Strasbourg

Volley – Girls : Lyon/CVL – Rouen
Boys : Lyon – Rouen
Basket – Girls : Strasbourg – CVL
Boys : Lyon – Rouen

On Friday night, celebrations had to be made for all teams which had qualified for the finals. Hence, everyone headed to the K-Fet to party until 3 a.m. And since the real sportspersons that they are, never give up (even after 2-3 hours of sleep and a lot of beer flowing in their veins), everyone (almost) showed up to play their finals or just to encourage their friends.

The bleachers were full to breaking point, the crowd could not stand still (or could not help sleeping for some), the matches were tensed, the “bandasse” played to soothe everyone – no in fact they just made a lot of non-soothing but cool sounds – and we were just waiting for that last winning point where we would all roar of joy for those who won. It was like that for every match until the talent show began at 4; one word to describe it : Mind-blowing ( *pou-pooohw* in everyone’s brain). The cheerleaders were amazing, USA-style with breathtaking stunts and uniforms and choreographies and… fiou! Impressive.

The real talents then were also super impressive : some defied the laws of gravity with their diabolo, others defied all laws about hip bones while dancing on an epic Tahitian song, one stood up alone and showed his beat-box talent, another one played a guitar song, and finally students from Rouen showed another dance item.

At the end of the day, the results were:

The best Talent : CVL 
The best cheerleading team : Rouen
The best scientific team : Lyon-Strasbourg-CVL
The best in sports : Lyon (because, yes, they won 6 finals out of 10)

And the winner of the HIGH FIVE 2016 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis *drum roll*



Yes, we won guys! Everyone, in fact, fought hard to bring our honour back, and it was a success.

It was again the time of celebrations, now for winning the finals. We all headed to the K-Fet again, to party again, but until 5 a.m and with a long day of rest afterwards.

This HIGH FIVE was one of my best experiences at INSA. I cannot put words on the atmosphere or the spirit, you really just have to live it. The other INSA students are people that I hope I will meet again; I also wanted to say a special thanks to all the “orgas” hard and soft who worked during the whole event until they were dead tired so that everything went smoothly. And our biggest triumph is that no one was seriously hurt, nothing was broken and everyone respected the premises. That’s the spirit homies!

So, if by any chance, you get to go to the HIGH FIVE, go go go! And enjoy with the rest of them 🙂




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