Handizgoud is an association  which goal is to raise awareness of disability. Even if society is better and better adapted to the insertion of disabled people in active life, the obligation of hiring 6 % of employees in situation of handicap is far from being respected in all the companies, and there are still a lot of  prejudices.

That is why, twice a year, the association organizes a week during which you can take part to a lot of fun activities and learn more about disability. The first week took place from the 10th to the 17th December 2015. Here are the activities you may be interested in :Handizgoud

  • Initiations to the french sign language the 14th, 15th, 17th and 18th December.
  • “Handimanagement” evening on Tuesday 10th  to speak about insertion of disabled people in the professional world.
  • Quiz evening on Monday 14th : Come and test your knowledge by answering some questions !
  • Conference on innovation and disability with external stakeholders on Wednesday 16th.

Also, each activity is worth a given number of points. If you have enough points, you can obtain the mention “handicap insa”. This mention is recognized by several companies and underline the interest of the student about handicap.

More informations : https://www.facebook.com/handizgoudinsa

Written by Susie Repellin