Fun fact: Putin Turns down Japanese dog gift

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has turned down the offer of a dog as a gift from the Japanese government, according to Japanese MP.

Japan gave Mr Putin a female Akita (which originates from northern Japan) called Yume in 2012. This new dog was intended as a companion for her. If accepted, the gift would have been presented to the Russian President at a summit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan next week.

Mr Putin also owns a male Bulgarian Sheperd called Buffy, which was given to him by the Bulgarian prime minister in 2010. His Labrador, konni, was given to him as a gift by Sergey Shoigu, currently Russian defense Minister, but unfortunatelly he died in 2014.

Mr Putin once brought Konni to a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whi is scare of dogs. Some press reports at the time that he had done so to intimidate her. But earlier this year, Mr Putin told a German newspapper that he did not know about her fear, “when I learned that she does not like dogs, I apologised of course”.

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