Election of the 17th of November

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On the 17th of November, INSA Lyon held elections for its board of directors, those being our way to express our opinion in big meetings. Students had the choice between two lists called respectively “Elus’Mineux” and “Voyons Grand !”

They both had basically the same ideas, with the will to improve our restauration, protect residents from degradations and fire alarms…

Here are the results: “Elus’Mineux” had 393 votes, and “Voyons Grand !”, 380. Hence, our elected are:

Calvin Audier (2nd Audrey Papin)
Valentine Bouché (2nd Karim Haidar)
Alexandre Heit (2nd Lucie Gueret)

Voyons Grand:
Clément Grand (Guillaume Bullier)
Eline Gregoire (Morgane Mokhtari)

Here are the people that will be INSA students’ voice!

Many INSA students went to vote, and could eat a crepe after that. But only 786 students voted, when 5712 were supposed to do so… We might think it’s not much, even not enough. Nevertheless, it was the first time that so many people voted (we already had 3% of students voting one year). We had a good progression!


Written by Audrey GAY 



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