Demonstrations against “loi du travail”

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During this 1st May, 2 days before the project of law is presented to the Parliament, the demonstrations are getting worse. The usual parade of the Labour Day gave place to a violent figth between CRS and demonstrators, with explosions, teargas, grenades.

But if the demonstrators does not really do this in order to break anything they see, and even if they have political ideas behind their acts, they give a bad image of their movement. They stopped counting legere wounds (burns, hematomas..) but there were two people who were severely injuried.

As I said it earlier, law El Khomri is presented to Parliament next tuesday, the 3rd. We can hope that they will find an agreement that satisfies everyone, and that will put a stop to the “nuits debouts”, which is very annoying for the inhabitants of Paris.

Teargas and demonstrators


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