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Today is starting the CDP campaign week at INSA Lyon.Sans titre

Eight lists of first year students are going to compete to grow in First Cycle students’ hearts, to hope to get elected as CDP (Integration Comity). But only four are going to organize all the activities for next year’s freshmen’s first week.

That’s why all week long the competitors are going to do all that they can to charm us, with presence at the INSA restaurants (pancakes, cotton candy…), SOS – everyone can phone them in the evening to ask for different SOS (massage, food, clean up, dishes, lullaby…)- and activities after the end of school (casino, video games…).

But they have to do it all with only a given amount of money. They can’t use their own or raise funds, and the lists have to stay in their theme, with activities linked and costumes.

Moreover the candidates have to get involved in the school life, with being organisators for all the big events of the school, like the Gala, the open day, or the bal.

I wish all the lists the best, and may the odds be ever in their favor.

Written by G. Marcelin

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