All I want for Xmas is…

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17 days 12 hours 22 minutes 13 seconds before Santa comes visiting. Admit it. You’ve also been counting.

Meanwhile, before the big man arrives, there’s this other person that has a gift with your name on it. You’ve all already been randomly handpicked by your peers to participate in the annual SCAN Secret Santa event that will be held on 11/12/2017 at the Flam’s. I hold all the names in a classified document that I must refrain from disclosing to you. All I can say is, some of you are in for quite a surprise.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to Secret Santa as they always trigger different emotions in people—sometimes unexpected ones! These feelings all depend on the gift one gets.

Here are the different types of people you get

1. The “sick” guy

As a person that really likes receiving presents, I really hope this guy isn’t your secret santa. As presents are being exchanged, Ambre takes out her SCAN contact book and gives him a call. He claims he’s sick even though we all saw him in class in the morning perfectly fine. What he meant was: I forgot your present.

2. The passive aggressive person.

This person clearly didn’t appreciate the gift given to her. I say her because girls are born naturals when it comes to passive aggressiveness. If you’re the secret santa of this individual you better be prepared for some heavy eye rolling and eye fixing on you throughout the night.

3. The clueless dude.

What can I say to make you feel better? Well, at least he gave you something! It doesn’t matter whether or not he knew your name or who you were. At least those unisex socks look comfy for the winter.

4. The “I bought you chocolate” individual

Chocolate. Appreciated by the majority of people. However, it is a clear sign of lack of imagination and creativity. You know perfectly well that they gave up after 30 seconds brainstorming what to get you. It’s too bad they didn’t know I was lactose intolerant.

5. The showoff

I just want this guy to shut it about how much better his gift is compared to mine. His comments actually hurt my feelings because deep down I’m secretly jealous. I comfort myself with the fact that I’m not the only one in the room that feels this way.

6. The gossip

Thank you. I didn’t try so hard avoiding rumors and covering my ears whenever people were talking about secret santa just to have the name of MY secret santa screamed in my face as soon as I opened the Flam’s door. What’s that? The person my gift is for knows it’s me? Great.

7. The one who’s here just for the pizza

This special individual is one you’ve only spoken to twice in your life and both times it was because you were assigned a group project together. First to order and first to leave, he has no time to waste talking to other human beings and prefers the more than sufficient company of pizza.

8. The perfect present human

Most likely your best friend. You’re lucky he/she picked out your name and thank God you mentioned you wanted that new iPhone X to him/her beforehand. The present’s not an iPhone but it’s just as perfect. It’s too good to be true. A Donald Trump wig and cap #lapetrellade. Luv it.

9. “Antoine va nous danser…”

Enough said. *proceeds undressing*



Hopefully you’ll be one of the nicer options that day. Nevertheless, 100 SCAN students in a restaurant will be anything but boring and uneventful. I’ll see you there personally at 7PM sharp. Bisous :*

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Test Taking for Dummies

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“How to take a test like an Asian”. Personally, I never thought I’d end up typing this on my Google search bar. You must think I’m feeling a bit too desperate to be initiating such profound research or you may feel that I’m looking in the wrong place for my answers.

Let me stop you right there.,,,,,, and have all been meticulously analysed and are all neatly tidied in my history tab. Don’t get me wrong, these websites do contain some helpful information but none are, so to speak, “INSA-worthy” and here’s why:

1. Analyse how you did on a similar test in the past.  

I’m sorry, but this sweet human being is clearly unaware that I’ve done EVERY SINGLE previous test on the SAME subject since 1974…(Kindly made available to you by the Scan the Web Team (; ).  Yet, INSA continues its pursuit of making me cluelessly stare at my test paper. Okay, okay, you got me. I admit I might have been taking repetitive sneak peeks at Laura’s test corrections while I was studying.

2. Read the test through first. 

(To be read along with a heavily sarcastic voice:) Well that worked out just fine on my Mechanics test didn’t it? It’s as if “they” had visited the exact same website I got this tip from and said: “Let’s help our students with that by adding endless text of information along with diagrams that can only be understood by indepth vision into space.” Easy right?

3. Focus on addressing each question individually 

Exercise 1  (11 pts)

Question 1: Easy I got this.

Question 2: Okay there’s no way what I wrote is correct.

Question 3: “Using question 2, please find…” (Heartbeat stops)

Question 4: Can’t do that.

Question 5: Can’t do that either.

Question 11: *skips to exercise 2*

Exercise 2 (9 pts)   *Mental math*: 1 + 9 = 10. There’s still hope.

Question 1: “Recall Question 2 of Exercise 1…..F&àc@k!!!

4. Build a succinct and organised cheat sheet when authorised.

Most of my classmates will tell you that I always have really pretty cheat sheets. Proper Highlighting and lovely color coding all on point. I also take great pride in stating that my handwriting can go as small as font 9 and that I will fit you a whole thermodynamics chapter into half a page. Nevertheless, my encyclopedia-like doctrine is no match  against ancient professor sorcery and contains little to no helpful information.

5. Form study groups. 

I saved my personal favorite for last.

Study Buddies. Check. Study Room. Check. Snacks. Check. It’s 14:00. By this point everyone is looking good.  People are sitting behind their MacBooks, taking notes on writing pads with matching pens with their coffee mugs on the side, and everyone’s wearing those smart glasses. We’re all looking real sharp and ready to reach new dimensions in our educational journey. It’s 14:05, people are either solving Taylor expansions or discussing face-centered cubic crystal systems. 14:15. Snack packages have started to open but focus is still there. 14:20. The first non-study related subject is spoken out loud. Of course, you expected it from THAT guy and you’re quick on your feet to prevent him from going any further into the potentially distracting subject. 14:30. Havoc is unleashed. You were unable to stop THAT guy from speaking and now everyone’s gossipping. On the one side of the table everybody is wrecking the Beurk’s menu. On your opposing side their already planning what they’re going to do during the weekend. And you, well, as you watch the scene unfold you are determined to prevent from acting foolishly so you look back at your computer screen just to realise you were watching cat videos on facebook this whole time #Pujol. You quickly recover your spirits and close the tab. But then, someone taps you on the shoulder, and says, “OMG, I know something that I’m not supposed to talk about but I’ll tell you if you agree to keep it a secret okay?”

You can’t resist that can you?


All in all, if you want to do well on tests well…you’re reading the wrong article. But don’t lose hope! Comfort yourself with the fact that even I’m still here. Believing in yourself is all you need.

Article by Paul BRET                                                                                                                                                              SCAN 72






Marcel Le Sac, more than a bag: an idol.

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When people say that SCAN students have an amazing connection between them, they really mean it. The bond in the SCAN section isn’t exactly what you expect it to be; it is much greater and bigger than what you might find in any other section, it is represented by a phenomena… called Marcel Le Sac.
Now, if you’ve been on the INSA campus this year, you’ve either heard about Marcel le sac, or found a flyer about its instagram page ( @marcellesac ) on campus. If not, don’t worry, you’ll know what I’m talking about in a few minutes…
It all started on the WISC weekend, the SCAN integration weekend. Just like we said in the “WISC vs. WEI” article, the party on Saturday night was glitter themed. So, SCAN guys had this amazing idea to collect some money and go buy the most beautiful, pink, glittery bag. They named it after Marcel (if you believe it is a guy) or Marcelle (if you want it to be a girl) and brought it with them on this weekend. And so, this is how the WISC masterpiece was created and the object that was meant to be used for one weekend became the link between all of us.
On Sunday, we all came back to INSA and then a method was used in order to allow everyone in SCAN to have the chance to carry him at least once every two months.
And so, the name of Marcel started propagating all over the place. As Marcel became famous in INSA, an Instagram account was created in its name: @marcellesac. The number of followers started increasing, and Marcel now manages to keep over 200 followers entertained.

On this specific day, 2 months after the beginning of our INSA adventure, we, SCAN students, are closer than ever and Marcel has had an unimaginable role in that. Marcel isn’t just a bag anymore, this object we all loved became the best representation of the SCAN students at INSA and the power of this amazing section.


By Maria

Are you ready for SCAN ?

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Hey, you visitor!
Is SCAN the right place for you? Can you really manage that much stress and still enjoy all the fun at INSA? Can you be cool enough to survive 2 years in the most special section at INSA?
WELL, you think you can …
Here is the right quiz for you, my future SCAN companion.

Did you understand everything so far?

Do you still want to be a SCAN member after this dreadful description?

How long does it take for you to finish a whole jar of nutella with a tea spoon?

In what color would you prefer to dye your hair?

Until what time can you stay up at night and still manage to understand the chemistry course in the morning?


Can you sit in a room where chairs rotate and still concentrate on OPTICS !?

Are you following @marcellesac on instagram?

Did you go and followed him right now?(don’t lie)

Are you ready to have the best 2 years of your life?


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There are many reasons for joining SCAN, but one that is invoked often is : « WE HAVE A SECOND INTEGRATION WEEKEND! ». Well, we can assure you that it is definitely a plus.

And if you ask SCAN students whether the classic WEI (for all the first year) or the WISC (SCAN Integration Weekend) is the best, you’ll most likely hear a « go to the WISC, why are you even hesitating! ».

So we decided to make a comparison between the WISC and the WEI, to fully demonstrate how great SCAN section is.

Ever since the day we, SCAN students, came to INSA, we were waiting for this one big event, known to be the one that would let us get to know each other better… the WISC.
We all prepared our bags on Friday afternoon and met later on at the K-fet to enjoy a nice beer.
The next morning at 8 am, our 2h30 journey began. There were two buses, each containing 50 first year and second year students all mixed up.
Time passed really quickly, and before we knew it, we were there and had to choose our rooms ( we had the choice to divide ourselves into a group of 2, 4 or 6 however we wanted to).
After lunch, all the fun activities started: we were divided into groups and had games battles.

At 9 pm, the party started. While some people stayed up till 12 or 1 am, other managed to stay awake till 4 am.
On the next morning, at 9 am, we all met up outside to have an amazing breakfast together in the bruise of air. We then spent most of the day playing cards, listening to music, having conversations here and there. At 4 pm, it was time to go back to INSA. We checked our rooms, arranged our stuff and bags and got in the buses.
Even though there was some downs, we all spent an amazing weekend together and we most certainly got to know each other a whole lot better. It is not an event that should be missed under any circumstance.

For the WEI, we went to Vias, next to the Mediterranean sea, so we had a long night in the bus before arriving. On the morning we did activities in groups, and the afternoon was rather about the beach and pool.
Then came the WEI party. The theme was the sea so there were many costumes.

In the morning, the fanfare woke everyone up, then it was time to clean up the bungalows and get our bags in the buses. We left at 3 pm, and arrived at INSA around 10 pm, with hoarse voices and sand in our shoes.

It is a great opportunity to spend an amazing weekend with people you already know, but also to meet people who are not in SCAN or in your INSA family.

To sum it all up, our personal advice would be: if you have the chance, go to both the WISC and the WEI. And if not, we’d recommend you go to the WISC because it can help you get to know your classmates a lot better.


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Pi Day takes place every year on the 14th of March, it is a day dedicated to the celebration of the number π. Every year the SCAN students celebrate this event. The first years invite the whole “Scan community” including the teachers to share cakes and pies. Mrs.Siobhan is famous for her homemade pies that look and taste delicious. Scan students are not the only ones to celebrate PI day. It is an annual celebration and the United State House of representatives granted it the status of National Pi Day  in 2009.

Larry Shaw, a physicist, founded Pi Day in 1988. He was the first person to organise a large-scale celebration at the San Francisco Exploratorium with his coworkers. Since this day, there are no records of official celebrations, however informal celebrations are organised, like at INSA, everywhere in the world.

In 2015, Pi Day took on a special significance because the entire month of March was called Pi Month. On the 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m and also at p.m, the date and time represented the 10 first digits of π.

You can find more information on its official website : that holds a count down until the next Pi day.

17390777_1314968395236926_2040885146937306348_o 17359061_1314967861903646_5152282533288309776_o17349920_1314969975236768_4551643518505338325_o

Clash of Residences – A&B vs C&D

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After a scandalous INSA integration, the SCAN people invaded the small city of Giron, in a very intimate atmosphere from the 17 of September to the 18 of September.

At our arrival, students took possession of their room in the cottage that would host two generations of SCAN students for the next two days.

In spite of the rain and the biting cold, the afternoon was dedicated to outside games. Much to our surprise, these games involved dodge-ball with a salmon fish head, the “try not to laugh” contest with a mouth full of water, digging candy in flour and steal the bacon with a dead squid. The organizers (so called “Orga”) had planned out on the domain the games in a playful atmosphere and had everyone divided in teams of eight.

The squid

To finish it off, an integration weekend is nothing unless everyone is socking wet and dirty. In order to rectify this point, the second year student had the pleasure to throw paint and water balloons at the first after all the group photos were taken. The photo says it all, the weekend was fun.

Wet and dirty

After two hours in the cold and a much needed hot shower, the highlight of the WISC began: cutting each others hair. This year the horrible weather forced the students to do it inside the cottage, enabling the Orga team to spend a few hours sweeping. For those who prefered pimping rather than shaving their hair, the Orga had planned multiple hair dyes, and bleach. The bravest chose to mix colors and haircuts, a perfect recipe.

Haircuts by Valentin Virion

Obviously, after the dinner  we had the party everyone had been waiting for. This year’s theme party was fluorescence. With UV LED bars, fluorescent paint, every clothes which had fluorescence colors were brighter.

We thank Arthur Saunier and K-Le Son (an INSA association), we had all the equipment we needed to party all night long: a powerful sound system and a lot of lights. Finally the party was sick and everybody enjoyed that night.

This year the WISC was spent indoors, the sky was gray and the air was cold, but it didn’t matter. The SCAN people had a great time in this huge cottage,  first and second year student meeting each other.  It was a great integration weekend even though the environment was not with us.

Adrien Jaccon, Romain Labarthe, Charlotte Arnould

Pi Day 2016

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Pi Day is celebrated on March, 14th (3.14 … you know what I mean). It’s a celebration of the mathematical constant π. For this day, people cook pie and eat them at 1:59 pm (as  π=3.141592 … you still know what I mean).

Last year (2015) Pi day had a double signification because the year was taken into account as the day always is. So we obtain 3.14.15. Then, we had a triple effect at  9:26:53 am as π=3.141592653 …

In some universities, teachers plan activities to enrich and deepen students’ culture about the constant π. Activities might include investigations of the value of π, special π-projects and parties with pizza or other kinds of ‘pi’.

In SCAN we celebrates Pi Day at 1:00 pm under a shiny sun and the SCAN First students are in charge of organizing it. Other SCAN students and SCAN teachers can bring pie or other goodies to eat. It’s a real convivial moment between the whole SCAN section.

Last ‘MindBlowning fact’: Pi Day happens to be the same day as Albert Einstein’s B-day! MindBlown *o*! So March 14th is a perfect day to plan maths challenges and/or do fun stuff with maths …




Written by Coraline Conan and Tifenn Floch and Mezidi Fatima

Secret SCANta!

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Secret Scanta ♥

Last week took place the Secret SCANta, our own version of a famous tradition that comes from America.

The rules are very simple. Each student who wants to participate pick up the name of another student and has to find him a gift. As the name suggests, you don’t know who is going to be your secret santa -and you also may not know the person you have picked up which allow you to be very creative to find the perfect gift!

Then, on Thursday 3rd, we all went to the Flam’s to exchange our gifts. The ideal occasion to gather all SCAN students from first and second year, taste delicious  “flammekueche”, an Alsatian speciality, and of course have a lot of fun !!!

Written by Susie Repellin