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Secret SCANta!

Secret Scanta ♥

Last week took place the Secret SCANta, our own version of a famous tradition that comes from America.

The rules are very simple. Each student who wants to participate pick up the name of another student and has to find him a gift. As the name suggests, you don’t know who is going to be your secret santa -and you also may not know the person you have picked up which allow you to be very creative to find the perfect gift!

Then, on Thursday 3rd, we all went to the Flam’s to exchange our gifts. The ideal occasion to gather all SCAN students from first and second year, taste delicious  “flammekueche”, an Alsatian speciality, and of course have a lot of fun !!!

Written by Susie Repellin

WISC 2015

One of the perks of being in SCAN is to take part in the WISC. We went to the Chalet La Fauconnière, in Giron (Ain) for two days.


Leaving on Saturday 26th at 9:30 am after the pre-WISC party was though for some of us. To make sure every one was awake, we sang along to the staff’s chants during the whole bus trip. Two hours finally didn’t seem that long if you’re kept busy!

The whole afternoon was dedicated to games – including the famous “Trout Party” :

Or the traditional “Ventriglisse”.


The bravest of us got a brand-new haircut, following the SCAN folklore. Needless to say, all the other students of INSA Lyon are able to recognize the characteristic mohawk. We also witnessed an unusual scene: girls trying to dye their hair using “ravioli” cans filled up with Kool-Aid!

All the freshmen rejoiced for the group picture – until Second Years rushed to cover us with paint. It quickly turned into a huge battle!

We then came back to our room to dress-up for the “punk-rock” party. Some of us had really nice costumes and make-up.

Sunday was quieter as we were all resting after this crazy week-end! We are now all looking forward to the next WISC!

Written by Arthur Saunier, Laurie Jacot and Alexandre Longhi.

We’re back!


And here we are, back for a whole new year!

If the lectures have already started three weeks ago, the options have just started.

But SCAN is not only about physics, mathematics and chemistry. We’ve just come back from a unique experience: the world-famous WISC! Standing for “Week-End d’Intégration SCAN” (SCAN Integration Week-End), this two-day trip to Chalet La Fauconnière (Giron, Ain) ought to be an unforgettable moment. Our amazing colleagues are about to tell you everything you need to know about it!

Our team will do its best to keep you informed about life in SCAN this year. Stay up-to-date!


Written by: Arthur Saunier and Laurie Jacot

Unofficial SCAN BBQ!

Hey guys!

Tomorrow, an unofficial SCAN Barbecue will be organized, it should take place at the Feyssine, at around 6:30pm. It’s 5€ per person, it would be nice if you could bring them today to the person in charge in your class (at least for the SCAN 2nd, we don’t know how it will be organized for the SCAN 1st).

We hope to see you there!

Secret Santa & SCAN Flam’s


As you probably know, we’d like to organize a SCAN Flam’s before the Christmas holidays, and a “Secret Santa” at the same time, for all SCAN 1st & 2nd.

It will be on Thursday December 4th, and the price should be 12.50€ per person for the Flam’s.

We’ll tell you when we have more information about it!


EDIT: It would be nice if you could give the money for the Flam’s this week, to Basma for Gr. 71, and to Alestair for Gr. 72.

Now comes the International Barbecue

Hi everyone!

As you probably know, on October 23rd will be the International Barbecue! If you want to meet cool people from EURISNA, ASINSA and AMERINSA, here’s your chance!

We’ll meet at 6:30 pm in the “pelouse des Humas”.

Good sausages & meat, drinks, and a lot of fun are expected at this BBQ!

We hope to see you there!


How hard was it to stay awake during your physics lecture monday morning? I would say as hard as we went last weekend.

The whole of Giron went crazy around approximative haircuts, good music,  cheap sangria, flying fish, color bombs, and more sangria. As Jay-Z so clearly puts it : “That shit cray-cray, ain’t it ‘Ye?” Indeed it started calmly Friday night at the Quai 43, but the atmosphere gradually climbed to summits, like Mannheim’s famous crescendos, until Saturday night where everything blew up in explosions of Hawaiian flowers, sangria bottles, and limbo ropes, some people even swear to have seen a shark.

During the afternoon, we SCANs were divided in teams (#team12 #oklm) and participated in games involving trouts, an octopus, beer, eggs, and an epic slip and slide. Tired and weary (and also stenching) after all that fish throwing came the time of the official SCAN haircut. The extremly talented fingers of the perfectly qualified hairdressers gave a new look to the whole weekend, shifting the theme to something close to the last of the mohicans, don’t forget to check out the pictures (thanks to all you photographs)

After a short night of sleep everybody broomed, moped and cleaned the rooms and then broke the brunch buffet. Then arrived our beloved Mrs. Wegeler and Mr. Velex, right in time for the beer pong! Suprisingly they refused to play a little game but enjoyed a gourmet meal, specially prepared for the two teachers.

Finally the bags were packed in the bus, the students were packed in the bus, and everybody fell asleep.

Thanks to everybody involved in this HAWAIISC, it was clearly great, and I can’t wait for next year’s!


Edit: we’ve added the WISC pictures on the website, here they are:

Ready for the Hawaiisc?

This weekend is the super awesome WISC!

Hawaiian shirts, games in the afternoon, parties in the evening… This year’s WISC is gonna be epic!

We’re leaving on Saturday in the morning, but it’s even better if you come first at the pre-WISC party on Friday evening!

Don’t forget to bring some clothes that you can stain (you might come back dirty 😉 ), and a sleeping bag if you want!


Hey, we’re back!

Hi everyone, welcome back on the SCAN website for the first post of the year!

This year, we have a new very small team dedicated to the website (Antoine (gr. 72) is back as the admin, Alexandre (gr. 72) and Cyprien (gr. 61) as the assistants). We’re going to further update the website very soon, with news about the WISC and awesome SCAN activities.

Stay tuned!

Scan the world!

Every year, lots of (awesome) Scan students travel around the world for their internship or just for fun. Indeed, during summer 2013, they went to Ireland, Bolivia, India, Bali, Spain, England, Romania, Germany and they managed to leave the Scan footprint like indicated on the pictures.

But these trips can also be organized by the students themselves. For instance, a group of 13 Scan firsts went to Barcelona for four days of milk with honey.

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