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Pi Day takes place every year on the 14th of March, it is a day dedicated to the celebration of the number π. Every year the SCAN students celebrate this event. The first years invite the whole “Scan community” including the teachers to share cakes and pies. Mrs.Siobhan is famous for her homemade pies that look and taste delicious. Scan students are not the only ones to celebrate PI day. It is an annual celebration and the United State House of representatives granted it the status of National Pi Day  in 2009.

Larry Shaw, a physicist, founded Pi Day in 1988. He was the first person to organise a large-scale celebration at the San Francisco Exploratorium with his coworkers. Since this day, there are no records of official celebrations, however informal celebrations are organised, like at INSA, everywhere in the world.

In 2015, Pi Day took on a special significance because the entire month of March was called Pi Month. On the 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m and also at p.m, the date and time represented the 10 first digits of π.

You can find more information on its official website : that holds a count down until the next Pi day.

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Girl Rising at INSA

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Last Wednesday took place in BMC a projection of the film Girl Rising, about the struggles of 9 girls around the world to have access to education. This was a project of the Engineering and Activism SCAN Option, organized by Ambre Donozzan And Alia Gallet-Pandellé, to raise awareness during this International Day of Women Rights, with the collaboration of UNICEF.

Here is a comment of Alia, who participated in the project:

“March 8th is the International Day for Women Rights. As part of the SCAN Option Engineering and Activism, with Mrs Jouffroy, Ambre and I wanted, at our small scale, to bring our contribution to this important cause. We hosted a screening of the documentary Girl Rising. This film follows the story of nine girls from nine different countries (Cambodia, Haiti, Nepal, Egypt, India, Ethiopia, Peru, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan) on their journey to education. The projection was preceded by an intervention of the UNICEF with a possibility for students to gather and organize together other awareness-raising events. Our event took place on Wednesday March 8th at the amphitheatre Emilie du Châtelet in BMC, there were approximately forty students and teachers.”

The documentary could have been very dark, yet the tragic stories of these girls are told with so much hope that the viewers who saw the film left with the urge to do something, not only with pity for these girls. We could hear that every girl had her own particular character and way of telling her story, which was enhanced by the writers who helped each girl telling them, but what was common to all of them is their determination and their hope to bring themselves and others to education, to break the cycle of poverty.

If you couldn’t manage to go to the projection but are interested in this cause, a Girl Rising association has been created, and it has a website (Girl Rising: Official Site) where you can order the film or donate to help girls around the world achieving education.

Trailer of the film Girl Rising

Clash of Residences – A&B vs C&D

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An insight on optional lectures

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Over the Rainbow Nation by Krystyna Irvine

If you have any interest in South African culture, its history or simply by curiosity, this option is for you. During 6 weeks, you will be taugth by an enthusiastic native born African teacher (born in Zimbabwe and who lived in South Africa for years). You will learn about  tribes, traditions, language, Apartheid, colonies and above all you will have the opportunity to watch movies on those subjects. By the end, you are expected to prepare a group presentation on a theme of your choice about South Africa.



SCAN on the Air by Berthold Mader

This option will require you to give free rein to your imagination : every week, along with your team of chroniclers, you will give a 30 minutes podcast, previously prepared, broadcast live. The emission is hosted by Gatsun’s studios located in the J building where you have access to professionnal equipment. Each of the podcasts is at least listened to by the SCAN the Web group and teacher but you can also share the link of the live with anyone you want if you wish to.



SCAN the Web by Berthold Mader

Led by the webmaster Arthur Clément, one of the SCAN students, this team is in charge of keeping up to date the scan.asso website. There, you can find former IE subjects and correction, tremendous articles, pictures of SCAN high times (WISC, Secret Scanta, Pi day,..) and many other intersting things, all of them uploaded by the students of the option.



Negotiating by Siobhan Wegeler

For 6 weeks in this option, you will be provided with interesting technics and skills about how to lead a negociation. Every week, you are given one or several situtations, involving 2 sides : alone or by team, you learn how to prepare a negociation, find arguments, decide what matters the most,… for one of those sides. Then, you get confronted with another team or person and try to find a win-win situation. In the end, you will be evaluated on a final negotiation, bigger than any of those you migth have conducted.



Public Speaking by Erin Tremouilhac

It is here that you will learn how to declaim great speeches. Based on the talking skills, you are taught how to behave, to express, to vary your tone, in order to make an oral presentation as “entertaining” as possible. In other word, this is your way to become a great orator.       The final evaluation takes the form a timed speech you must perform in front of your group and teacher, on any subject you like.



Back To the Future by Krystyna Irvine

Run by the same teacher as Over The Rainbow Nation, this 2nd semester option will take you in the future. The options begins with a movie and a lot of examples of people who tried to figure out what our future will be. From aliens invasion to human evolution, you will hear about the most famous theories on the subject. In the end, you will have to give a presentation by group on what is your opinion  about where we will be in hundreds of years. You are actually expected to come up with the most unusual ideas to prepare the best presentation you can.



Profiling SCAN by Siobhan Wegeler

It is probably the most diverse option, taking place only at the 2nd semester as well. In this module, you can join a team in charge of an aspect of SCAN communication. You can organize the SCAN barbecue, create the posters for the section’s promotion towards classics 1st years, design the SCAN teeshirts, organize the WISC. This is the opportunity to work as a team on concrete tasks, get in contact with unknown persons, get some responsabilities,… And eventually, you are evaluated (or not) on the success of your event or production !



Multi-media Yearbook by Erin Tremouilhac

Every year, SCAN students are given a Yearbook : a printed magazine which gathers shameful pictures, SCAN events’ souvenirs, something you can keep and that will remind you of your SCAN years forever. It is done by the students of this option, who spend 6 weeks finding the needed elements, pictures, stories, for the content, and then organizing the layout of the thing.


Golden Age of Television by Jeannie Jouffroy 

If you are a serial series-addict and you’re not against discovering new ones then this optional lecture is for you. The six week program will be evaluated on a 20 minute clip you will have to present with your group to the class by the end of the option. This video clip has to be made of some extracts of your choice of the serie you are introducing, the ones you think are the most interesting, the most entertaining, the ones that will make the other students want to watch it. You will have to raise awareness on specific topics that particularly stood out when watching, topics or thematics that enable the audience to ask questions about society facts, challenge historical aspects, displayed values or even discuss about the complexity of a specific character, etc, which reveals itself very enriching at the end.


Face to Face by Cindy Garçon

In this option, you will basically learn about “interpersonal communication”. If you don’t know what it is, no problem : the option is about learning about it. You will study parts of a book on the topic, which is how you will be continuously evaluated every week (some questions to answer every week). From this, you will understand how to interprete people’s behaviour while talking directly to you, what their tone mean,…


Close Encounters by Cindy Garçon

This is an option where you will try to figure out why people interact the way they do. You especially study inter-gender interactions, compare your reactions to different situations with the others’ ones. You will have articles to read between sessions, and then some questions about them to hand in as evaluation. You also fill in tests that rely on statistics about gender to see how meaningful they are.


Engineering and Activism by Jeannie Jouffroy

This 1st-semester option deals with the issue of society today. The first hours are devoted to researches on different chosen topics (school accessibility for girls in the world, environment policy,…). Then you are asked to chose one subject that really interests you, and create a presentation about it : you must either suggest solutions to the problem you are dealing with or explain one already found.       Some of the students also extended their option since they started project : writing a story in relation with orphans in an Indian school, organizing collect with the Sopita association,…


By Clara & Lea

#YAAAAAAAS, des bisous


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This article is better read with an epic voice


Today begins an new era, an era where the next articles will be written by one of the best team in the entire INSA world…

For the next six weeks this incredible team will show you everything you need to know to survive in this huge and dangerous campus.

In this article, we are going to introduce the team.

The Team

The master called Arthur Clément has the power and he decides which posts deserve to be online. He has a three people team in order to help him organise the website.

As the two secretaries of the group, we chose Léa Cordelle and Clara Duval (but of course we did not want to, but they seemed to be pretty good at making coffees).


The three awesome boys writting this post are Rémi Montaine aka The Mountain, Tanguy Keryhuel aka The Thong’y and Mathis Decroux aka DuCROUS.




We also have the two smart boys : Pierre Renaudie aka Bebou and Alexander MacLennan, who are working hard on their posts.


This incredible team is really determined to provide you the best quality articles. We are ready to put our social life aside to give a new dimension to this website. We will push the imagination to its limits.

We hope you will follow our tremendous journey. We count on you.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Written by Tanguy KERYHUEL &  Mathis DECROUX & Rémi MONTAIGNE.


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After a scandalous INSA integration, the SCAN people invaded the small city of Giron, in a very intimate atmosphere from the 17 of September to the 18 of September.

At our arrival, students took possession of their room in the cottage that would host two generations of SCAN students for the next two days.

In spite of the rain and the biting cold, the afternoon was dedicated to outside games. Much to our surprise, these games involved dodge-ball with a salmon fish head, the “try not to laugh” contest with a mouth full of water, digging candy in flour and steal the bacon with a dead squid. The organizers (so called “Orga”) had planned out on the domain the games in a playful atmosphere and had everyone divided in teams of eight.

The squid

To finish it off, an integration weekend is nothing unless everyone is socking wet and dirty. In order to rectify this point, the second year student had the pleasure to throw paint and water balloons at the first after all the group photos were taken. The photo says it all, the weekend was fun.

Wet and dirty

After two hours in the cold and a much needed hot shower, the highlight of the WISC began: cutting each others hair. This year the horrible weather forced the students to do it inside the cottage, enabling the Orga team to spend a few hours sweeping. For those who prefered pimping rather than shaving their hair, the Orga had planned multiple hair dyes, and bleach. The bravest chose to mix colors and haircuts, a perfect recipe.

Haircuts by Valentin Virion

Obviously, after the dinner  we had the party everyone had been waiting for. This year’s theme party was fluorescence. With UV LED bars, fluorescent paint, every clothes which had fluorescence colors were brighter.

We thank Arthur Saunier and K-Le Son (an INSA association), we had all the equipment we needed to party all night long: a powerful sound system and a lot of lights. Finally the party was sick and everybody enjoyed that night.

This year the WISC was spent indoors, the sky was gray and the air was cold, but it didn’t matter. The SCAN people had a great time in this huge cottage,  first and second year student meeting each other.  It was a great integration weekend even though the environment was not with us.

Adrien Jaccon, Romain Labarthe, Charlotte Arnould

Individual interviews to join INSA

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From the 25th to the 29th of April, individual interviews are taking place at the Bibliothèque Marie Curie for students applying to join INSA in first year.

The candidates are first welcomed in groups.  During one hour the school and the following interview are presented to the group.

Then, the individual interview begins. It lasts about one hour. The jury is constituted of 3 persons: an INSA teacher, an engineer and a psychologist. It is divided in two parts of about 30 minutes each. There is a break in the middle of the interview during which the student can think about the things he forgot to say and the questions he wants to ask. The candidate is often asked why he wants to become an engineer and how he imagines his future as an engineer. He must also choose sentences or pictures and explain what they make him think about.

Finally, the candidates go back to a room where they can anonymously give their impressions. INSA students come to answer their questions and give them a tour of the campus.

The aim of this interview is not to trap you. The jury is there to assess your potential to become an engineer. You may want to think before the interview about why you want to become an engineer. Don’t forget to bring your convocation and your identity card ! You don’t really need to worry about the interview, just be yourself and everything will go well.If you are convoked for an interview, you normally have the level to join a school of the INSA group.

Good luck !

What’s up with the Scan Radio Program?

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Hi guys! Have you ever heard about the scan radio program? It is broadcasted each Tuesday from 11 to 11:30, and you can also podcast it on the Scan the Web website. It is especially designed for INSA students, Scan students being the most targeted audience. This short program gives you information on international or local news, art, music, events in Lyon or at INSA and obviously student life in a humorous way.

These emissions are prepared by students of the Scan on the air optional, in the studio lent by the Radio Gatsun. The association gives a short formation on the material at the beginning of the session, then the team is autonomous. They discuss on the topics and shortly plan the program. The show generally follows the same pattern, including news that seem important to the team and allow jokes, weather at INSA, gossips, music… There is also a game: a question is asked each Monday and the winner is named a week after.

Radio Gatsun, the web radio of INSA Lyon was created in 2004. You can listen to different kind of programs (music, sport, etc.). The aim of this association is not only to broadcast several programs in a week, but also to learn how to use tools useful for media and communication. For example, they organised a training to Adobe Première Pro, a video and audio editing software, in December. This is very convenient for international pathways student to prepare their audiovisual project.

Written by Arthur Clément, Augustin Pigé and Fatima Mezidi

Pi Day 2016

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Pi Day is celebrated on March, 14th (3.14 … you know what I mean). It’s a celebration of the mathematical constant π. For this day, people cook pie and eat them at 1:59 pm (as  π=3.141592 … you still know what I mean).

Last year (2015) Pi day had a double signification because the year was taken into account as the day always is. So we obtain 3.14.15. Then, we had a triple effect at  9:26:53 am as π=3.141592653 …

In some universities, teachers plan activities to enrich and deepen students’ culture about the constant π. Activities might include investigations of the value of π, special π-projects and parties with pizza or other kinds of ‘pi’.

In SCAN we celebrates Pi Day at 1:00 pm under a shiny sun and the SCAN First students are in charge of organizing it. Other SCAN students and SCAN teachers can bring pie or other goodies to eat. It’s a real convivial moment between the whole SCAN section.

Last ‘MindBlowning fact’: Pi Day happens to be the same day as Albert Einstein’s B-day! MindBlown *o*! So March 14th is a perfect day to plan maths challenges and/or do fun stuff with maths …




Written by Coraline Conan and Tifenn Floch and Mezidi Fatima

Secret SCANta!

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Secret Scanta ♥

Last week took place the Secret SCANta, our own version of a famous tradition that comes from America.

The rules are very simple. Each student who wants to participate pick up the name of another student and has to find him a gift. As the name suggests, you don’t know who is going to be your secret santa -and you also may not know the person you have picked up which allow you to be very creative to find the perfect gift!

Then, on Thursday 3rd, we all went to the Flam’s to exchange our gifts. The ideal occasion to gather all SCAN students from first and second year, taste delicious  “flammekueche”, an Alsatian speciality, and of course have a lot of fun !!!

Written by Susie Repellin