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24 heures de l’INSA

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The “24 heures de l’INSA” is definitely the biggest event on the campus, and even the most important students festival in France. This event takes place at the end of May during a whole weekend, and brings together well-known artists, incredible sportsmen and more than 10,000 visitors a day !

Created in 1972, i.e. 15 years after the INSA’s foundation, the 24 heures de l’INSA is now fully part of the school’s identity, although its organizations and main goals have evolved throughout the years. Indeed, the event takes its name from a sports competition that appeared years ago : for 24 hours straight, sportsmen were biking around the campus and had to get the highest score (the best bikers travel more than 800 km !). Today, this tradition still takes place during the festival and isn’t restricted to biking : a 24h-long foot race, as well as a 24h-triathlon are organized and open to eveyone who wants to participate. And if you don’t take part in the races, plenty of activities are also set during the day (dance shows, theater plays, outdoor activities, etc.).

But the 24h de l’INSA isn’t only for sportsmen. Actually, the concerts at night draw visitors the most. For two nights, about 20 artists perform on the 3 stages of the festival. Well-known musicians, rising stars, techno music or rock bands, there is something for every taste !

Also fully organized by an INSA students association, this event is outstanding by its magnitude but as well by the large staff crew it necessitates. The core of the organization is made of about 80 voluntary students who work all year long to organize the festival : invitations to the artists, rent of materials for the concert stages and bars, plans for water and electricity flows, etc. But the crew isn’t bound to the association members : as the event approaches, the association hires not less than 100 volunteer students to help on the festival, and also a few others as part of the technical crew.

So don’t forget to buy your tickets for the concerts and take part in the races ! And if you want to help and discover the backstage of the biggest festival of the campus, don’t hesitate to sign in as a crew member. You’ll be more than welcome !

Visit the 24h’s official website :

DIPC (Desintegration Premier Cycle)

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School year is coming to an end (D-46) and if you want to party one last time with the people you have met throughout the two years at INSA, you have come to the right place. The DIPC is the opportunity to celebrate the end of the first cycle and two years of intense work, have fun, and start up the summer correctly. If you are interested, here are the basic information concerning the event:

  • Where: Ardèche, Vallon-Pont-d’Arc.
  • Cost: Around 30-40 euros, transport and food included.
  • When: From the 18 of June on Sunday morning to the 19 of June, Monday evening.
  • What you need: A sleeping bag, a tent, dirty cloth, bathing suit, sunscreen and your party mood.

The activities include canoe, tanning by the beach, playing a petanque tournament, trying out slack, organizing volley matches and swimming. It is like a giant camping with only INSA students. A lot of SCAN peeps have put great efforts into organizing this event: Clara, Flore, Clement, Anaïs, Célia. We all should seriously considering coming. Each year the event is limited to around 200 people therefore as soon as the sells begin, you better be quick to be sure to have your ticket to the DIPC!






Welcome to the Karna!

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March the 23rd, Thursday afternoon. As usual, you’re coming back from the sports association, exhausted and starving, and you decide to take a shortcut by the Humas. But today, something’s different: a large circus tent appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the campus! Congratulations, you just made your first step into the Karnaval Humanitaire.

What’s the “Karnaval Humanitaire”?

The Karnaval Humanitaire, aka Karna, is an entire week of humanitarian-focused events organized by a students association, which takes place on the Campus de la Doua. This festival is open to everyone and is the perfect place to go for a family outing. During the Karna, you can discover circus arts with initiated people, perform traditional dances at the BalFolk, attend conferences by day, concerts and various other spectacles by night… The association also organises a parade with local children, as well as other events during the year: they take part in the Music Summer Festival, as well as in the “Fête des Lumières” of Lyon.


But more than that, the Karna is axed on raising awareness of social issues throughout the world. Indeed, all their benefits are used for humanitarian projects on big scale: they are the main actors of the construction of wells in Burkina Faso, a place where drinkable water is a rare and precious resource. This project was initiated 8 years ago and is now fully finalized: during these 8 years, all teams of the association worked very hard to make this a reality.
Today, and for the 25th anniversary of their association, the Karna is launching a new project to dig more wells in regions lacking drinkable water, so come and join the team around their annual festival which promises to rise above the expectations!


Visit the Karna’s official website :


Olivier’s recent changes #MINDBLOWING

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           pizza boxLast week, my partner in crime and I were very surprised when we entered one of our favorite restaurant : The Olivier. In fact, they completly changed the way it usually worked. Instead of having a full meal with a starter, a pizza and a dessert served on a plate, you just get a pizza served in a cardboard box and you need to choose between a fruit or a soda : NOTHING ELSE. In addition, the price is still the same as before !

« was a request from

INSA students..»

          You can probably imagine our feelings when we saw that : mind blown. We immediatly asked one of the worker why they decided to change their way to work and she answered : “The direction of the restaurant told us that it was a request from INSA students…”. We were quite surprised by her answer because the direction never consulted us. We didn’t receive any mail or surveys about this decision. Even after the this decision, the direction never informed us that the restaurant would change. We discovered the whole thing one day to another without any communication about it.

           So we can wonder what are the pros and cons of the new Olivier for the students. The only real big advantage is that, with the spring coming, students can take away their pizza and then eat it on the humas, or the PC, for instance. But you still have to find a trashbin big enough to welcome your pizza cardboard box… Moreover if you choose to stay in the restaurant to eat your meal, it’s definitely unconvenient to eat with your friends on the table as the boxes take up too much space and you have to eat with your hands…

          Speaking of cardboard box, considering they sell more than 300 meal a day from monday to friday, we can estimate that more than 6000 carboard box are thrown away each month. In a school that stands for environment issues of our times, we can really cast a doubt on their decision…

meme pizza

          And you ? What do you think about the new Olivier ? How do you feel about the fact that the school decided to change your habits from top to bottom without even consulting you ?

Feel free to comment this article, we would be glad to know what’s your point on all this !


By Tanguy Keryhuel & Rémi Montaigne.

Prom night

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The second edition of INSA Lyon’s Prom took place on March the 3rd at the Transbordeur. This event was organised by a huge team of student who worked to make sure that the 1500 people who attended the party spent the best night possible.

The organisators worked from 7am to the next day to decorate and prepare the place. One of the thing that caught our attention was the beautiful car parked in front of the cloackroom, generously lent by Marine Leca. We also couldn’t help noticing the rhinoceros lamps placed on the tiers reminding us that the night was planned by insa students.

The guests arrived all dressed with their favorite and most classy clothes. At the beginning of your night you could go upstairs to the photo booth to get a souvenir with all your friends.  The interior was organized into two separate stages. A small one next to the bar where you could listen to artists such as Peacock, Asgrad and Miku or watch a show organized by insa associations (Ragda, Slide and Club rock). The main stage was in front of the rows of seats, the guests could either seat and relax or dance their heart out listening to Ofenbach, Ruby Cube and Fabich. After all the dancing you could go outside to rest and enjoy a burger if you were patient enough to reach the food truck.

The party went on, people danced and laughed until they were so tired they had to go, they then went home but not without their croissant, offered by the organisators of the prom.

For some of the 2nd year the end of the night was pretty exciting. Indeed they met the 2 members of Ofenbach and got to spend the rest of the night with them a the Residence C.

Overall everyone spent an amazing night and is looking forward to the 3rd edition.

Girl Rising at INSA

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Last Wednesday took place in BMC a projection of the film Girl Rising, about the struggles of 9 girls around the world to have access to education. This was a project of the Engineering and Activism SCAN Option, organized by Ambre Donozzan And Alia Gallet-Pandellé, to raise awareness during this International Day of Women Rights, with the collaboration of UNICEF.

Here is a comment of Alia, who participated in the project:

“March 8th is the International Day for Women Rights. As part of the SCAN Option Engineering and Activism, with Mrs Jouffroy, Ambre and I wanted, at our small scale, to bring our contribution to this important cause. We hosted a screening of the documentary Girl Rising. This film follows the story of nine girls from nine different countries (Cambodia, Haiti, Nepal, Egypt, India, Ethiopia, Peru, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan) on their journey to education. The projection was preceded by an intervention of the UNICEF with a possibility for students to gather and organize together other awareness-raising events. Our event took place on Wednesday March 8th at the amphitheatre Emilie du Châtelet in BMC, there were approximately forty students and teachers.”

The documentary could have been very dark, yet the tragic stories of these girls are told with so much hope that the viewers who saw the film left with the urge to do something, not only with pity for these girls. We could hear that every girl had her own particular character and way of telling her story, which was enhanced by the writers who helped each girl telling them, but what was common to all of them is their determination and their hope to bring themselves and others to education, to break the cycle of poverty.

If you couldn’t manage to go to the projection but are interested in this cause, a Girl Rising association has been created, and it has a website (Girl Rising: Official Site) where you can order the film or donate to help girls around the world achieving education.

Trailer of the film Girl Rising