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INSA Association forum


This year, more than 130 associations will welcome INSA students in their stands, to initiate the future engineers to different domains : Sport, humanities, arts…

Every edition of this amazing forum, represent a good opportunity for new comers to find out about the latest associative offers, integrate the sociale life at INSA and have fun.

The Bot’Insa, is the booklet for Insa’s association. It mainly gives the updated presentation and the contact information of each association. One can distinguish, a high range of associations in each domain, thus creating a diversity within the INSA community.

Animation : 7 \ Arts : 17  assoc\ International Culture : 14 \  Departments and studies : 14 \   Social and humanities : 11 \   Hobbies : 5   \  Sport : 26  \  Technical and scientific : 8  \  Other associations : 7

Normally, the associative life is a compulsory element at INSA, considering the fact that commitment and association membership represent a fortunate opportunity for students to show their talent while working on their personal improvement.

For more information, check the link :

Written by : BOULAAJAJ Zineb

Movie theaters in Lyon


Hi everyone,

So, you just arrived in Lyon and you want to go to see the last Star Wars??

But problem… you don’t speak french fluently yet. Don’t worry, here you’ll find a list of movie theaters that project most of their movies in original version.

Here they are:

  • UGC Ciné Cité internationale
  • UGC Ciné Cité Confluence
  • Pathé Lyon – Bellecour
  • La Fourmi
  • Cinéma Comoedia

If you want the program of these movie theaters, follow this link:

Movie theaters in Lyon

Have fun!


Written by Arthur Saunier

The Martian: A movie out of this world

the martian

We are engineering students, hence we all love Sci-fi. Even if it’s not true, you should still see this movie. You could think it’ just another American blockbuster that takes place in space (and it is) but The Martian is a real pleasure to watch. The movie seems more scientifically accurate than most of its peers. And Despite the circumstances the movie still remains funny and joyful (the 70’s music playing along is a good example) and you might learn some new motivational catchphrases for your next DS .

If you never heard about this movie and would like to know what it is about, here’s what you need to know:During a mission to Mars that went wrong, Astronaut Mark Watney is left behind and presumed dead by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the red planet.As there are only few leftover supplies he has to manage to survive on this planet and make contact with earth to find rescue.  

Written by Marie-Lou Orsini

007 is Back!

Daniel Craig is back in the role of the famous James Bond 007.
He is joined in this movie by Monica Belluci, Léa Seydoux and Christoph Waltz playing the bad guy!

The 24th movie of the franchise will see the spie trying to take down the secret organization known as SPECTRE, all alone as the “00” program is being shut down.

Here is the latest trailer:

Will James Bond succeed in his mission?? Answer on the 11th of November in movie theater!


Written by Arthur Saunier

May the Force be with you!

Hi guys!

You might have noticed the hype around Star Wars VII. Since we SCAN love English, I selected you the 3 cinemas in Lyon where you can watch the movie in Original Version!
Here they are:

• UGC Ciné Cité Confluence
• UGC Ciné Cité Internationale
• Pathé Lyon – Bellecour

Confluence is quite far, but the good thing is you can go there directly with the tram T1: leave at the station “Hôtel de Région Montrochet”.
Internationale is near the Parc de La Tête D’Or. Easy to access with a Velo’v, but I would bet my arm that none of them will be available at 6pm.

You can book your tickets on
Notice that movies will be in 3D, otherwise you’ll have to see them in the French version.

Personally, I’ll be at Confluence at 8:30pm.
Enjoy your movie, and

May the Force be with you!

Written by Arthur Clément


Sens Interdits

For the fourth time, one of the Lyon theatre, Les Célestins, is hosting its international festival “Sens Interdits”. Coming from 14 countries, the artists will present 15 shows during the week.
Here are the english-speaking performances:

A Stand Up Tall Productions from the Netherlands. Two actors debate upon our society and its political system. The public will have to vote for the most convincing one at the end of each of the eight rounds.
Saturday 24 (8:30 pm), Sunday 25 & Monday 26 (6:30 pm) – 10€ for students

From UTOPIA Theatre , Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy , Lithuanian national drama theatre. The company questions the education system that oppresses individuality and creativity. An entertaining show that combines music, choreography, acrobatics and humour.
Monday 26 (8:30 pm), Tuesday 27 & Wednesday 28 (6:30 pm) – 8€ for students

Written by: Laurie Jacot, Alexandre Longhi

Run in Lyon 2015

The “Run in Lyon” is a sport competition held every year in Lyon (Obviously !!!) This year, it took place the 4th of October with thousands of runners set to test their legs over 10 km (Not that bad …!), semi marathon (Why not? 10 more kilometres, that can be possible…) or even more challenging, the marathon (What? Is that even possible?).


Are you an amateur runner? Already a runner? Either way, this competition is for you!!

The “Run in Lyon” is incredibly motivating and it’s a great opportunity to improve the self performance because of the mere presence of others and the difference in the paces. Its route begins at Quai Tilsitt, goes through The “Vieux Lyon” and along the rivers (Rhône and Saône), allowing the runners to discover the city is such a convivial atmosphere.

As mentioned before, the diversity of the competition offers 3 different races:

The 10K long run: It does attract high levels of public participation, because it represents a challenge but short enough to remain accessible for an untrained runner. (Over 14 000 participants).

The half marathon: It is a road running event of 21.0975 kilometres. It’s half the distance of a marathon. Participation in half marathons has grown steadily in “Run in Lyon”, because it’s a challenging distance, but does not require the same level of training that a marathon does. (Over 11 500 participants).

The marathon: It’s a long distance road running event with an official distance of 42.195 kilometres. Marathon requires necessarily a major and challenging training. (Over 2500 participants). Interested? This website is for you:


-Life is short… running makes it seem longer. – By Baron Hansen

Written by : Boulaajaj Zineb


No Shave November

Hi guys!

I’m pretty sure you all remember the WISC. You don’t? Let me help you:

WISC - Iroquoise

And now? You remember? Good.

So you might have noticed that SCAN people are definitely crazy about hair. If you haven’t, well sorry but you’re blind, and it’s pretty awkward cause you’re actually reading this, so you can’t be blind. Anyway, look at any SCAN who survived the WISC and you’ll have your proof.

Maybe you’re wondering: “why is this guy talking about hair?”. The thing is, Winter is coming, but also November.

You might have heard about No Shave November. This is an association which tries to raise funds to develop cancer cures. They created the concept of “No Shave November”: as you know, chemotherapy prevents hair from growing, so as a mark of  respect, people are encouraged to let their hair and beard go wild, and giving associations the money which should have been invested into razors or haircut.

Since we SCAN are known not to be respectful with our hair, I think we should participate. We can create a team (SCAN team would be amazing) on So on October 31st, shave, cut your hair (if you’ve got some left after the WISC), and let it wild!

If you want more informations feel free to visit

And don’t forget the “before/after” pics, they will be uploaded on the website !



Written by Arthur Clément

What’s Up? #11

Avengers: Age of Ultron

If you like superhero movies, you will probably be interested in this one.
Marvel Studios managed to make the scenario of Avengers absorbing and really epic, all the characters are engaging, the special effects are up to the challenge, and the fight scenes are fascinating.

The scenario is based on an artificial intelligence, discovered by Tony Stark and Dr Banner, which was supposed to enhance Stark’s defense program: Ultron.
But Ultron quickly turned against the Avengers, and found that he had to eliminate all humans to save Earth.

Here is the latest trailer of Avengers: Age of Ultron to help you know what you can expect:

So if you liked the first Avengers movie, and you think this one will be cool, don’t hesitate to watch it!


Daredevil: A blinding success

Daredevil is a TV series created by Netflix, and adapted from the eponymous Marvel comics.

It relates the story of Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil). As a child, he was blinded by chemical radioactive products which enabled him to develop his other senses to a supernatural level. In real life he’s a lawyer but at night he uses his extraordinary abilities to fight crime. He has no superpower except his human senses pushed beyond limits. Finally, despite his outstanding abilities, he remains human and interesting.

This series currently encounters a great success both with critics and public. It is the ninth highest rated TV show on IMDb therefore being better ranked than “Better Call Saul” and “House of Cards”.

It is understandable since it has a lot of enjoyable qualities: it is a Marvel series, but is still original; it gives justice to a character that’s been trampled by a bland movie in 2003; it is also well realized and shot with realistic fights.

Moreover, watching this show is an occasion to discover new actors, as the casting doesn’t include very famous actors.

Written by Samory, Alexandre & Xavier.


What’s Up? #10

Game Of Thrones

Dun dun, dundun duun dun, dun dun duun dun…
You have waited for it. You have lusted for it. You can’t live without it, can you ?
Well rejoice, Game Of Thrones is coming back on HBO on the 12th of April !

Here is a quick recap of season 4 so that you can start the next one peacefully.

Daenerys forms her army to conquer Westeros, but actually stays in one of the cities she conquered to reign over it.
Joffrey died. Yes !
Tyrion is put on trial , kills Shae and his father, and leaves King’s Landing in a boat.
Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch fight at the North wall. Ygritte is killed during the battle. Jon Snow still knows nothing.
Bran and his crew go beyond the wall, hodor along the way, and reach some sort of magic tree.
Arya and the Hound travel, fight, eat all the chickens, and drink; at the end, Brienne comes to “save” Arya and leaves him for dead.
Oberyn tried to get revenge from the Lannisters in King’s Landing and got slayed by the Mountain.

Number of on-screen deaths in the season : 160.
Number of viewer’s hearts shattered : too many.

Save the date:

Are you fan of geek culture ? Have you always wanted to attend a convention but never had the means to go there ? Now is the occasion as this week-end the Japan Touch Haru comes to you ! The « Double Mixte » will be hosting the convention.

For the ones who are interested you will be able to attend conferences, projections, debates…
Moreover you can get your books signed by their author as many of them will be there. Activities will also be organised to entertain the visitors: cosplay contests, concerts and more.

You will also be able to change the decoration of your turne as many exposants will be there to sell their products. They will also sell books, DVDs and more.

So if you are interested we advise you to visit the official website :

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