24 heures de l’INSA

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The “24 heures de l’INSA” is definitely the biggest event on the campus, and even the most important students festival in France. This event takes place at the end of May during a whole weekend, and brings together well-known artists, incredible sportsmen and more than 10,000 visitors a day !

Created in 1972, i.e. 15 years after the INSA’s foundation, the 24 heures de l’INSA is now fully part of the school’s identity, although its organizations and main goals have evolved throughout the years. Indeed, the event takes its name from a sports competition that appeared years ago : for 24 hours straight, sportsmen were biking around the campus and had to get the highest score (the best bikers travel more than 800 km !). Today, this tradition still takes place during the festival and isn’t restricted to biking : a 24h-long foot race, as well as a 24h-triathlon are organized and open to eveyone who wants to participate. And if you don’t take part in the races, plenty of activities are also set during the day (dance shows, theater plays, outdoor activities, etc.).

But the 24h de l’INSA isn’t only for sportsmen. Actually, the concerts at night draw visitors the most. For two nights, about 20 artists perform on the 3 stages of the festival. Well-known musicians, rising stars, techno music or rock bands, there is something for every taste !

Also fully organized by an INSA students association, this event is outstanding by its magnitude but as well by the large staff crew it necessitates. The core of the organization is made of about 80 voluntary students who work all year long to organize the festival : invitations to the artists, rent of materials for the concert stages and bars, plans for water and electricity flows, etc. But the crew isn’t bound to the association members : as the event approaches, the association hires not less than 100 volunteer students to help on the festival, and also a few others as part of the technical crew.

So don’t forget to buy your tickets for the concerts and take part in the races ! And if you want to help and discover the backstage of the biggest festival of the campus, don’t hesitate to sign in as a crew member. You’ll be more than welcome !

Visit the 24h’s official website :

Welcome to the Karna!

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March the 23rd, Thursday afternoon. As usual, you’re coming back from the sports association, exhausted and starving, and you decide to take a shortcut by the Humas. But today, something’s different: a large circus tent appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the campus! Congratulations, you just made your first step into the Karnaval Humanitaire.

What’s the “Karnaval Humanitaire”?

The Karnaval Humanitaire, aka Karna, is an entire week of humanitarian-focused events organized by a students association, which takes place on the Campus de la Doua. This festival is open to everyone and is the perfect place to go for a family outing. During the Karna, you can discover circus arts with initiated people, perform traditional dances at the BalFolk, attend conferences by day, concerts and various other spectacles by night… The association also organises a parade with local children, as well as other events during the year: they take part in the Music Summer Festival, as well as in the “Fête des Lumières” of Lyon.


But more than that, the Karna is axed on raising awareness of social issues throughout the world. Indeed, all their benefits are used for humanitarian projects on big scale: they are the main actors of the construction of wells in Burkina Faso, a place where drinkable water is a rare and precious resource. This project was initiated 8 years ago and is now fully finalized: during these 8 years, all teams of the association worked very hard to make this a reality.
Today, and for the 25th anniversary of their association, the Karna is launching a new project to dig more wells in regions lacking drinkable water, so come and join the team around their annual festival which promises to rise above the expectations!


Visit the Karna’s official website :


It’s happening online !

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Internet , social media and online encyclopedias have been around for quite a while now .Websites like Wikipedia and You tube have changed the way people access information all over the world .These changes have altered the learning process making our jobs as students easier and more interesting .However , most of the time when looking  into a specific topic online ,what you find is : millions of google results , thousands of articles and videos and an infinitely long list of links and websites.This has made learning something online kind of a difficult and confusing task especially for technical and scientific topics where sources of information often lack credibility .

But don’t worry, today I’ve got your back !  Or perhaps i should say : the internet has it  ! Here is a list of the best websites that will take your online learning to next level !


Edx is by far my favorite website for online courses. What sets edx a part from the others is the fact that today , it’s the only website offering free subjet matter from top universities , colleges and schools from around the world , including MIT,Harvard and Microsoft .Courses are very different from one another and cover a wide variety of topics (Maths , CS, Physics , Biology, Arts, Languages , Economics …). You can choose to take the course for free or pay for a verified completion certificate with the institution’s logo to verify your achievement and hopefully increase your job prospects.


Unlike the other websites , courses at Coursera aren’t free . You need to pay a fee to take the course and get the certificate.However the courses are much more organised and you get complete series of courses to get a deeper understanding of the topic you want to study and really master the skills needed .The website also offers a wider variety of topics and the courses on Coursera were specifically designed to be online courses .That means that the content is more suitable for online learning, making online learning a much more interesting experience .

Some universities also offer online versions of their real courses as a part of OpenCourseWare. Here  you can even get real university credit at very reasonable tuition rates.Here are the ones from MIT and Harvard :



If you don’t have time to take a full length course , Youtube can be a great option to educate yourself on the go .Here are some of the channels I recommend :







Khan Academy

Happy learning !

By Mohammed Megzari


Clash of Residences – A&B vs C&D

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Winter is coming…

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As you might see, winter is coming back again.

On mid-november, the first snowflakes have fallen on the slopes. The biggest french ski resorts took the opportunity to open part of their domain. In fact, the 2017 season pioneers could enjoy some fresh snow in the Alps’ mountains.


Where to go ?

After this captivating introduction, you probable crave to ski but you have no idea where to go.

Don’t worry, our team is here to guide you to the best slopes.

Here is a table showing the resorts which are already open :

Ski resort Opening Skipass

Snow cover


Tignes Open until May, 8th 2017
8 ski lifts and 9 open slopes

(child 30€)

Val Thorens Open until May, 1st 2017
70% of the domain is open

(child 32€)

Montgenèvre Open until April, 24th 2017
9 remontées et 12 pistes ouvertes sur 900 mètres de dénivelé

(child 24,5€)

40/70 cm
L’Alpe d’Huez Temporary opening (November, 19-20th week-end only)
5 ski lifts and 25 km of open slopes (including Sarenne, the longest ski slope in Europe)
28€ 55/90cm
La Clusaz Open since novembre, 22nd
4 ski lifts and Balme part (top part of the resort, also the highest one and being famous for being the playground of Candide Thovex*)

(child 20 €)

10/80 cm

*Candide Thovex is a popular freeskier, pioneer of his discipline inspired from snowboarders. He grew up in La Clusaz and became famous to the general audience thanks to his ski clips.


What will we find ?




You are probably worried about the quality of the snow and you are asking if you would destroy your new ski on rocks if there is not enough of it ? Don’t worry, we made some researches for you.


According to Meteo France, here is a map of the North Alps’ snow cover at 2500 meters (which is the the altitude of most of the resorts).







Coming soon : La Folie Douce Opening Party


Last but not  least, we have a good deal to share with you which happens on the December, 3rd. Indeed La Folie Douce (day clubs located in many ski resorts in France) of L’Alpes d’Huez organize his Opening Party and offers skipass for a cheap price. It is the perfect occasion to try your new skis bought at the INSA Lyon Ski Club trade fair. By the way, the ski club brings you there, in partnership with La Folie Douce, for a price of 36€.



See you soon on ski slopes !



Written by Rémi Montaigne, Tanguy Keryhuel and Mathis Decroux

Donald Trump is the new President of the USA, really America?

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On the 8th of October, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America, replacing ex-President Barack Obama after 8 years of mandate. Trump was the leader of the Republicans and beat the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, being USA’s 45th President. While losing the popular vote by more than 1,5 million votes, the businessman won the electoral one by 74 votes, with 30 states going to him and 20 states going to Clinton. At 70 years old, he will be the oldest person ever to assume the presidency. Even if Obama invited him to the White House few days after the election to congratulate him for his victory, he is scheduled to be inaugurated on January 20, 2017.

Trump’s political positions are quite difficult to describe since he has been very contradictory over the years concerning his ideas. However, media often describe him as a “populist”. He stated : “”I have evolved on many issues. There are some issues that are very much the same, I’ve been constant on many issues. But I have evolved on certain issues.”

However, even if he might change some of them in the future, his actual positions as the new President are very clear. He describes them in his “10 points plan to put America First” which mainly concerns his immigration policies. Here it is :

1. Begin working on an impenetrable physical wall on the southern border, on day one. Mexico will pay for the wall.

2. End catch-and-release. Under a Trump administration, anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed out of our country.

3. Move criminal aliens out day one, in joint operations with local, state, and federal law enforcement. We will terminate the Obama administration’s deadly, non-enforcement policies that allow thousands of criminal aliens to freely roam our streets.

4. End sanctuary cities.

5. Immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties. All immigration laws will be enforced – we will triple the number of ICE agents. Anyone who enters the U.S. illegally is subject to deportation. That is what it means to have laws and to have a country.

6. Suspend the issuance of visas to any place where adequate screening cannot occur, until proven and effective vetting mechanisms can be put into place.

7. Ensure that other countries take their people back when we order them deported.

8. Ensure that a biometric entry-exit visa tracking system is fully implemented at all land, air, and sea ports.

9. Turn off the jobs and benefits magnet. Many immigrants come to the U.S. illegally in search of jobs, even though federal law prohibits the employment of illegal immigrants.

10. Reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers, keeping immigration levels within historic norms.

As you can see, some of these points are very controversial and create a lot of debates among the American population. Mainly among the Hispanic community which is the one directly targeted by these measures.

In following articles, we will explain more in details some of the points of Trump’s plan, trying to understand his motivations and the consequences it might create if they were applied.


Alexander MacLennan & Pierre Renaudie



Election of the 17th of November

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On the 17th of November, INSA Lyon held elections for its board of directors, those being our way to express our opinion in big meetings. Students had the choice between two lists called respectively “Elus’Mineux” and “Voyons Grand !”

They both had basically the same ideas, with the will to improve our restauration, protect residents from degradations and fire alarms…

Here are the results: “Elus’Mineux” had 393 votes, and “Voyons Grand !”, 380. Hence, our elected are:

Calvin Audier (2nd Audrey Papin)
Valentine Bouché (2nd Karim Haidar)
Alexandre Heit (2nd Lucie Gueret)

Voyons Grand:
Clément Grand (Guillaume Bullier)
Eline Gregoire (Morgane Mokhtari)

Here are the people that will be INSA students’ voice!

Many INSA students went to vote, and could eat a crepe after that. But only 786 students voted, when 5712 were supposed to do so… We might think it’s not much, even not enough. Nevertheless, it was the first time that so many people voted (we already had 3% of students voting one year). We had a good progression!


Written by Audrey GAY 



CdA makes your life worth living

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Today we are going to talk about one specific team of the INSA BdE, one that is dear to us: the CdA , Comité d’Animation, in charge of organizing events all year long to entertain your campus.

16 members, a dozain of events, epic meetings, more energy than you could ever handle,… You will find them running arround during Post- Partiels or Boom K-Fêt nights.

This year, we have a brain new team, motivated af, mostly composed of 2nd years, and amazingly led by the succulent Marien, a TC 3rd.

So that you are aware of who is responsible for those great events, here is a list of them : both Post Partiels, Christmas Boom K Fêt, Easter event, Brasserie du monde, open air cinema, and probably some more you would not even think about. Finally, the next events you must attend are taking place before holiday.

On November 17th, the BdE launches the renewed Salon, inside the MDE where you will be welcomed with enough candies and hot chocolate for everyone. The purpose of this project is to make of this forgotten room a cosy place for any INSA students who wishes to come, rest and chill or even enjoy a cup of a coffee during their free time in a silent environment (between 12 and 14H for example).

On December 15th, you are expected to come and support the INSA associations during the “Marché de Noël”, where you can buy items from them and receive in exchange a tombola ticket. The luckiest ones  will receive a special price from the team. You will also have the possibility to take a picture with Christmax Father. This nice afternoon will be followed by a great party we are all expecting : the Christmas Boom K-Fêt, where you pridely wear your christmas hat and celebrate the coming holiday.  : If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach the team on Facebook.


VA cards and strawberries




Grow a Mo, save a Bro

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What if growing out your moustache could actually be cool and save lives? This November is the month to get involved.  Since its creation in  2003, the Movember Foundation has worked to raise money and awareness regarding men’s health. Indeed, 1 in 8 men will get diagnosed with prostate cancer at one stage in their lifetime and 2 300 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year in France. These numbers have been increasing for the past 50 years drastically. The reason is the lack of self-awareness among young men, especially 25-45 year olds.

The deal is to shave all facial hair (even your head if you are feeling brave enough) at the begining of November and to let it grow during the month. The money you would normally spend on your grooming routine can be donated to the foundation.

For those up for a more extreme challenge, you can put your moustache up for sale! Whoever is the highest bidder will get to choose which colour you dye your facial hair or can even shave it into a funny shape. The money raised from the challenges can also be donated. If you cannot grow facial hair, whether you are a woman or even a hairless man, you can still participate by wearing a fake moustache or even a wig of some sort.

On the 1st of November, we hope to have every SCAN student participating but of course everybody is invited to join us and raise awareness for the cause.

Aurelien's moustache

Aurélien Bil :  “This year, I have never felt more up for the challenge!” 

Please find enclosed the link towards Movember Foundation’s website and more specifically, the donation page for the SCAN team :


Charlotte Arnould & Chloe Browne

The Last Days of the Double Mixte

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The huge complex next to the Insa Restaurant have been hosting a variety of events since 1988. The double mixte is one of the landmark of our campus. In a few years it became the third event hoster in Lyon. It has 10 000 m²  spread out on 2 floors enabling different kind of events to take place : Meetings, competitive exams, huge concerts and music festival, exhibitions.

Afficher l'image d'origine

For those living in the C, you certainly heard the walls roaring from the astronomically powerful soundsystem deployed in those events. Thanks to the double mixte, some of the biggest parties in Lyon are organised just next to our doorstep. But this situation is not going to last long : after 28 years of occupation, this infrastructure is coming to its end.

The Double Mixte was built thanks to INSA. In the 80’s one of INSA’s association (CAST) started organizing huge exhibitions to display technical material. An investor came to visit this exhibition and estimated that it could be worth to build a complex dedicated to this event. Now it is used 250 days a year, hosting more than 150 events, it can welcome up to 3000 people.

This building is viewed differently by the campus population. Some students see it as a nuisance during festivals, when hundreds of drunk people party until 6 am. Others see it as a key element of the campus since it brings animation, huge music events, and some other kind of event that really spice up Doua’s cultural life. No matter what you might think about this edifice, it is maybe about to get wiped out of our sight.

Jacob events, one of the great events organized in the double mixte : roaring techno and blazing lights

Indeed the news was released a the end of july that a new real estate developer had bought the Double Mixte : DCB International, reknown for their work of rehabilitation of multiple buildings across Lyon. They worked on a good part of Confluence rehabilitation project, the new Headquarters of Alstom, Adecco, Candia and Sanofi Pasteur. They bought the Double Mixte but didn’t release a clear declaration on its future.

In the near future DCB International have the project of keeping Jacques Chalvin (previous owner and manager) and his team, as head and organizers of the multiple events. In the meantime they annouced their will to modernize the old infrastructure and cleanse it from possible asbestos contamination. The long term project is to transfer all the event to the new ASVEL arena that will be built around 2020 near the Astroballe, at the extreme south east of Villeurbanne. DCB didn’t confirm that information but when all the events will be transferred, they may raze the building, destroying a big landmark of our campus. Until this day happens, try to enjoy the parties and events that take place below your windows.

Romain Labarthe, Louis Cancedda, Adrien Jaccon