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Today we will take a look at an online in browser game that is getting more and more popular at the moment. The principle is very simple, eat others without being eaten yourself ! All the players are balls of different clors, you start off small and you have to eat smaller cells to grow in size. To add a little complexity a player can also chose to split in order to eat or surprise other cells as well as throw out some little particles in order to get faster(the smaller you are the faster you can travel).

This game is interesting and growing in popularity because of its inherent simplicity. There is no need to create an account and the pc requirements are so low that almost anyone with any kind of internet connection can play it. After playing a few games one can realise that there is a lot of strategy involved, some situations can remind one of darwinism. The cells that got big usually followed some simple principles that allowed them to survive this long. The idea is that a cell that split takes a while to reform so everytime you split to eat another cell you have a non negligible period of time where you are vulnerable.

There are multiple gamemodes like for example individual or teambased. There is the possibility of playing on the same server than your friends, in which case an element of teamplay is added to the mix.

All in all you should really check out this simple game if you havent done so it is very worth it !


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