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BDEWe met with Léo Pape, a second year SCAN student who is a member of the Bde. We asked him to talk to us about how he got there and how things work in the Bde.

« To get in the BDE, I was first in a CDP list (Comité de parrainage). We did an election campain when we were in first year to promote ourselves. There were 8 lists and only 4 got elected, we were one of the winners. I had to organise the integration for the first year students and in order to do that, I was in a team of 100 fairly elected second years and we had a huge amount of work to do this summer befor their arrival. This helped me discover the associative world and have an idea of what is happening « behind the scenes ». Since I really liked it, I decided after the integration to get involved in another team in the Bde which is the COWEI team. The COWEI team is a team of 16 people that are in charge of organising the integration week-end of the first years, also known as the WEI.

I like it a lot and it is a really fun experience that you should try.

You should be careful though since it can take a lot of time and you are not sure to get elected. »

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