The 24h de l’INSA!

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The festival of the 24h de l’INSA is getting closer!

For this 42nd edition the festival will take place the 13th, 14th and 15th of may on the campus of la Doua.

Les 24h de l’INSA are  the biggest student driven festival in France and host more than 60 000 people each year! There are ne of the most well known event on the campus, and one of the funniest! Don’t hesitate to recommand it to your friends!

During the weekend you will be able to experience a lot of different activities like the Xtrem jump or compete in the famous 24h of bike run around the campus!

Of course, on the 13th and the 14th, you can enjoy the concerts with a variety of artists chose just for you!


So don’t hesitate! Come party with us at the 24h de l’INSA!

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Written by Arthur Saunier.

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