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Olivier’s recent changes #MINDBLOWING

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           pizza boxLast week, my partner in crime and I were very surprised when we entered one of our favorite restaurant : The Olivier. In fact, they completly changed the way it usually worked. Instead of having a full meal with a starter, a pizza and a dessert served on a plate, you just get a pizza served in a cardboard box and you need to choose between a fruit or a soda : NOTHING ELSE. In addition, the price is still the same as before !

« was a request from

INSA students..»

          You can probably imagine our feelings when we saw that : mind blown. We immediatly asked one of the worker why they decided to change their way to work and she answered : “The direction of the restaurant told us that it was a request from INSA students…”. We were quite surprised by her answer because the direction never consulted us. We didn’t receive any mail or surveys about this decision. Even after the this decision, the direction never informed us that the restaurant would change. We discovered the whole thing one day to another without any communication about it.

           So we can wonder what are the pros and cons of the new Olivier for the students. The only real big advantage is that, with the spring coming, students can take away their pizza and then eat it on the humas, or the PC, for instance. But you still have to find a trashbin big enough to welcome your pizza cardboard box… Moreover if you choose to stay in the restaurant to eat your meal, it’s definitely unconvenient to eat with your friends on the table as the boxes take up too much space and you have to eat with your hands…

          Speaking of cardboard box, considering they sell more than 300 meal a day from monday to friday, we can estimate that more than 6000 carboard box are thrown away each month. In a school that stands for environment issues of our times, we can really cast a doubt on their decision…

meme pizza

          And you ? What do you think about the new Olivier ? How do you feel about the fact that the school decided to change your habits from top to bottom without even consulting you ?

Feel free to comment this article, we would be glad to know what’s your point on all this !


By Tanguy Keryhuel & Rémi Montaigne.

Prom night

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The second edition of INSA Lyon’s Prom took place on March the 3rd at the Transbordeur. This event was organised by a huge team of student who worked to make sure that the 1500 people who attended the party spent the best night possible.

The organisators worked from 7am to the next day to decorate and prepare the place. One of the thing that caught our attention was the beautiful car parked in front of the cloackroom, generously lent by Marine Leca. We also couldn’t help noticing the rhinoceros lamps placed on the tiers reminding us that the night was planned by insa students.

The guests arrived all dressed with their favorite and most classy clothes. At the beginning of your night you could go upstairs to the photo booth to get a souvenir with all your friends.  The interior was organized into two separate stages. A small one next to the bar where you could listen to artists such as Peacock, Asgrad and Miku or watch a show organized by insa associations (Ragda, Slide and Club rock). The main stage was in front of the rows of seats, the guests could either seat and relax or dance their heart out listening to Ofenbach, Ruby Cube and Fabich. After all the dancing you could go outside to rest and enjoy a burger if you were patient enough to reach the food truck.

The party went on, people danced and laughed until they were so tired they had to go, they then went home but not without their croissant, offered by the organisators of the prom.

For some of the 2nd year the end of the night was pretty exciting. Indeed they met the 2 members of Ofenbach and got to spend the rest of the night with them a the Residence C.

Overall everyone spent an amazing night and is looking forward to the 3rd edition.


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Pi Day takes place every year on the 14th of March, it is a day dedicated to the celebration of the number π. Every year the SCAN students celebrate this event. The first years invite the whole “Scan community” including the teachers to share cakes and pies. Mrs.Siobhan is famous for her homemade pies that look and taste delicious. Scan students are not the only ones to celebrate PI day. It is an annual celebration and the United State House of representatives granted it the status of National Pi Day  in 2009.

Larry Shaw, a physicist, founded Pi Day in 1988. He was the first person to organise a large-scale celebration at the San Francisco Exploratorium with his coworkers. Since this day, there are no records of official celebrations, however informal celebrations are organised, like at INSA, everywhere in the world.

In 2015, Pi Day took on a special significance because the entire month of March was called Pi Month. On the 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m and also at p.m, the date and time represented the 10 first digits of π.

You can find more information on its official website : that holds a count down until the next Pi day.

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Girl Rising at INSA

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Last Wednesday took place in BMC a projection of the film Girl Rising, about the struggles of 9 girls around the world to have access to education. This was a project of the Engineering and Activism SCAN Option, organized by Ambre Donozzan And Alia Gallet-Pandellé, to raise awareness during this International Day of Women Rights, with the collaboration of UNICEF.

Here is a comment of Alia, who participated in the project:

“March 8th is the International Day for Women Rights. As part of the SCAN Option Engineering and Activism, with Mrs Jouffroy, Ambre and I wanted, at our small scale, to bring our contribution to this important cause. We hosted a screening of the documentary Girl Rising. This film follows the story of nine girls from nine different countries (Cambodia, Haiti, Nepal, Egypt, India, Ethiopia, Peru, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan) on their journey to education. The projection was preceded by an intervention of the UNICEF with a possibility for students to gather and organize together other awareness-raising events. Our event took place on Wednesday March 8th at the amphitheatre Emilie du Châtelet in BMC, there were approximately forty students and teachers.”

The documentary could have been very dark, yet the tragic stories of these girls are told with so much hope that the viewers who saw the film left with the urge to do something, not only with pity for these girls. We could hear that every girl had her own particular character and way of telling her story, which was enhanced by the writers who helped each girl telling them, but what was common to all of them is their determination and their hope to bring themselves and others to education, to break the cycle of poverty.

If you couldn’t manage to go to the projection but are interested in this cause, a Girl Rising association has been created, and it has a website (Girl Rising: Official Site) where you can order the film or donate to help girls around the world achieving education.

Trailer of the film Girl Rising